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The Two New Hues You Need In Your Home This Year

Emerald green and midcentury orange take center stage in interior design this season.

By Carly Scholl

Kitchen Envy

Customize your own emerald green kitchen with the new Bodbyn doors and cabinet fronts. Try brass hardware knobs and pulls for a touch of a la mode allure. Prices vary. (

Whether you’ve resolved to get happier, healthier, wealthier or wiser in 2020, a change of scenery can be the kick-start you need to transform mindsets and habits. And as any design professional can tell you, a new color incorporated into your home can be the radical jolt that inspires you to see your world differently. We asked interior designer and Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner Mary Meinz to weigh in on the two hottest hues of the year.

Emerald Green

Such a bold, verdant shade might feel a little out of place in the land of pale cacti, yellowish palo verdes and arid land as far as the eye can see, but Meinz argues that it’s a fitting hue for the desert. “Emerald green is a beautiful, true color with cool depth and, for that reason, it mixes well with other shades and brings to mind elements of nature, such as vegetables, plants, trees and grass—things that never go out of style,” she says. “Homeowners looking for a long-lasting effect when using bold color in an interior setting might consider emerald for exactly those reasons.”

Cocktail Bling

Elegant jade coasters dress up any happy hour and easily store away in a matching circular gold case. $350 for set of four. (

Meinz suggests coupling this deep tone with crisp white or as an accent to black-and-white schemes. “Start with pillows, artwork, area rugs, chairs, trims, dishes and accessories, or, if you are a true emerald enthusiast, try a dramatic library or kitchen outfitted in the gemlike hue.”

Glamorous in Green

Paired with black-and-white accents, the sumptuous velvet, stiletto brass legs and mod silhouette of the Ether Chair in Rialto Emerald bring Old Hollywood vibes to your sitting area. $1,750 (

Old-School Cool

New to the Big Chill Retro line, the Mini Fridge is available in six vintage-inspired hues and more than 200 custom colors, including a rich blue-green tone. 36″H by 24″W by 27″D. Starting at $1,595; custom colors are available for an additional $300 each. (

Midcentury Orange

“Think about native plantings here in Arizona, such as lantana, ocotillo, birds of paradise and even some bougainvillea—what color do they bloom? Magnificent shades of orange,” says Meinz. “I believe it’s always best to sort of hold hands with what is natural and beautiful in your surroundings, and that is why orange is not likely to seem too dated in your interiors.”

While some homeowners might be wary of such a bold shade, the designer assures that artfully chosen accents of midcentury orange—a warm tone with a hint of rust reminiscent of the shag carpets and tweedy armchairs of the Modernist period—can be just the right amount of retro while still staying relevant to today. “This particular hue is such a happy and natural accent to our desert surroundings, so don’t be afraid to use it. Maybe it’s only a pillow, a piece of art, an armchair or perhaps a few accessories—but this shade will give you and the room it is used in the perfect pop you have been searching for.

“If you are a real orange lover,” she continues, “you might opt for bedding or even a lush cotton or cashmere blanket on your bed in this color. It would be the perfect accent to the blue skies and purple sunsets found outside your master bedroom window.”

While midcentury orange and emerald green don’t necessarily have to hold court in your home together, Meinz assures that the two would make a stunning duo for daring homeowners. “Pairing the shades seems like a vision of grandeur” she remarks. “Imagine fields of blooming poppies or intense sunsets over rolling golf courses. In any or all of these vignettes, we see variations of green and orange naturally occurring together and forming a pleasing palette for the eye.”

Across the Pond

Inspired by the landscape, artistry and heritage of Ireland and created by artists and artisans from around the country, the Irish Design Collection of paints from Curator comprises a varied spectrum of rich shades, including Rustling Leaves, a cozy, nostalgic orange. $30-$95 (

Burning Bright

Invigorate a living room with the mottled rust hues and calm neutrals that mingle together in the Sundance rug, woven from wool and silk and available in standard and custom sizes. Price upon request. (

Easy Accent

The plush Bia velvet pillow in a spicy ginger shade is finished with oversized hand-dyed wool tassels at each corner for fun flair. 12″H by 18″L or 16″ square. $30-$40 (

A Timeless Touch

With a classic yet contemporary ceramic stem, round crystal base and polished nickel hardware, the Lia table lamp is a low-key way to integrate a bit of color into your interior. $350 (


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