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The Local Brands Every Skin Care Enthusiast Should Know

Arizona-based bath, beauty and skin care brands bring the bounty of the Sonoran Desert to your vanity.

By Carly Scholl | Photography by Rick Gayle

While there are infinite reasons to love Phoenix, wellness enthusiasts know this isn’t the most skin-friendly city. With virtually year-round sun, an arid climate and all the harmful free radicals associated with urban development, the Valley leaves residents more vulnerable than most to sun-damaged, dry and dull skin.

That’s where the local beauty gurus come in. Drawing inspiration from the native botanicals and elements of the Southwest—as well as cutting-edge industry research—the people behind these Arizona-based bath, beauty and skin care brands deliver powerful formulas, innovative ingredients and utterly indulgent products that work head-to-toe to cleanse, pamper and nourish.

1. Collagen8 Restorative CoQ10 Facial Toner contains cucumber, hyaluronic acid and the Coenzyme Q10 antioxidant to retain moisture in thirsty skin. $24 (

2. No need to head to the Pacific for beachy waves. Sea Spray—which contains genuine sea salt and hydrating coconut oil—gives hair textured shape and movement. $22 (

3. Nutritive organic oils team up with myrrh and tiare flower to create the Revitage Replenishing Squalene & Argan Oil Serum, which tackles dry skin, fine lines and other signs of aging. $30 (

4. Naturally hydrating and plumping ingredients, such as extract of the kiss-me-quick flower (Porulaca pilosa) and peptides, make the Volumizing & Smoothing Rapid Lip Mask a must-have product for those pursuing perfect pouts. $20 (

5. The lightweight Skin Perfection Hydrating Lotion prevents moisture loss and boosts skin’s luminosity with the help of powerful peptides, vitamins and probiotics. $58 (

6. Probiotics aren’t only good for gut health but they can also work wonders for skin. HydraGlow Cream Oil combines antioxidants, light-reflecting minerals and balancing topical probiotics for a superhero serum. $59 (

7. Created by a licensed aesthetician, this Tinted Mineral Sunscreen with SPF 40 delivers sun protection as well as a mattifying finish, sheer tint and water-resistant formula for a flawless face. $49 (

8. Fight fine lines and puffiness with Eye Beam Oil, an indulgent mixture of botanical oils, including grapeseed, apricot kernel and lemon. $21 (

9. Infused with bountiful botanicals grown at The Simple Farm in Scottsdale, including camellia seed oil, blue tansy and rose geranium, Cloud is a decadent facial balm that can minimize the look of wrinkles. $170 (

10. Rice Milk + Rose Shave Cream with Vitamin K not only hydrates and protects skin against razor burn but can also reduce the appearance of darkened veins by brightening and improving your skin’s overall look. $24 (

11. For sensitive skin, Love Your Face Cleansing Oil is an ideal alternative to harsh oil-stripping astringents. Lightweight organic hempseed oil and sea buckthorn anchor this plant-based concoction. $21 (

12. Hawaiian black lava salt and organic oils make up this simple but luxurious Lava Salt Scrub ($20), while the Himalayan Salt Scrub ($16) is offered in morning and evening scent variations. (

13. Containing exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid, fresh goat milk is a star ingredient in these Instagram-worthy soap bars. Try Day at the Spa for a crisp eucalyptus scent or Tea Tree and Charcoal for a deep clean. $9 each (

14. Transform your tub into a minispa with a Lavender Bath Bomb, made from moisturizing shea butter, apricot kernel oil and aromatic essential oils. $6 (

15. Along with its titular ingredients, the Chamomile & Macadamia Gentle Body Wash features rice protein, vitamin C and almond oil to aid in collagen stimulation. $16 (

16. An homage to classic barbershop grooming, Formula T Shaving Soap ($15), made with ultrahydrating and lathering tallow and shea butter, is old-school cool. Use with the “Monarch” Ivory Premium Silvertip Brush ($69) for a luxurious morning shave ritual. (

17. Made from the vitamin-filled konjac root and infused with such ingredients as bamboo charcoal and pink clay, these Facial Sponges will gently exfoliate when used with a cleanser. $8 each (

18. Formulated with activated charcoal, pink clay or turmeric to address different skin concerns, these dry Clay Face Masks burst with benefits when you add water or the carrier oil of your choice. $5-$9 each (

19. Renew and restore with Aloe Vera Moisture Cleanser, a mild formula starring hyaluronic acid, green tea and organic aloe that plumps and soothes skin. $26 (

20. The Charcoal Hibiscus Nourishing Body Scrub boasts a light-as-air formula, subtle floral scent and artful packaging worthy of center placement in your shower. $20 (

21. Aloe vera, organic shea butter and jojoba oil are just a few of the natural ingredients in the rose quartz-scented Shampoo ($15) and Conditioner ($16) duo that cleanse, moisturize and volumize for happy, healthy hair. (

22. Pure essential oil blends and magnesium-rich Epsom salt make the Peppermint Rosemary Sea Salt Soak a treat for the mind and body. $20 (


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