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Retro Tech for Modern Dads

The way things were are the way things are, with a panoply of products perfect for Pop. Above, the Stoned table light combines a honed black granite or polished white marble base with an LED tube bulb that emits a warm glow inspired by ambient candlelight. $475 (

Slim and stylish, the curvaceous SMEG espresso machine is a throwback to design aesthetics of the 1950s. $450 (

Available in two sizes (12″H by 10″W by 6″D and 14″H by 12″W by 8″D), the retro-cool Vornado Gunmetal VFAN Alchemy Fan provides a hot way to cool down. $150-$250 (

For those longing for the staccato syncopation of manual typewriter keys, the solid aluminum Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard connects to any smart device and accommodates tablets measuring up to 10.5″ wide. $299 (

Radiating jet-set brio, the iconic Olympus PEN-F has been updated with digital technology, 50-megapixel ultra-high resolution mode and customizable presets for a new generation of shutterbugs. $1,100 (

Paying homage to the the 1960s and ’70s, the Thorens TD 905 turntable was built for high performance with state-of-the-art fidelity and dynamics. $9,995 (


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