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Raw Materials Give a Rugged Edge to Southwestern Homes

Explore the trend of raw and earthy accents.

Raw is de rigueur. Tangent to other design trends—authentic, vintage and handmade come to mind—raw is particularly well-suited to our naturally rugged region. Like using raw sugar versus its refined cousin, the experience is richer, rougher and more robust. Antiques can also embody the trend. The collection to the right includes a pair of early 1900s railway lanterns suspended from a circa 1820 railroad scale, vintage signage and a variety of wooden industrial factory molds. (

Crafted of reclaimed wood from Brazilian telephone poles, the Phoenix Rustic Work table possesses unique and robust beauty while serving as a staple piece in the home. $1,699 (

You’ll find inspiring examples of this trend locally, including these recent faves from Antiquities Warehouse. (

Made of natural hickory branches, the Appalachian Twig Chandelier is available in 24″, 30″ and 36″ in diameter. $1,065-$1,350 (

Bring a natural touch to your contemporary home with the modern Savannah pendant, which features woven loops of PVC wood veneer. 13″H by 15.5″ in diameter. $165 (

In a symphonic merging of industrial and organic forms, the Graffiti Pendant light is a cohesive yet showstopping piece. $3,237 (

Agate gemstones in myriad natural colors and shapes are beautifully backlit in the Pietra Santa Sconce. To the trade. (

Showcasing fossilized wood from the grounds of the volcanic central Philippines, the Petrified Side Table epitomizes organic beauty with varying grain, color and texture. $399 (


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