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Peek Inside The Aesthetic, an Eclectic New Modern Bohemian Shop in Scottsdale

By Carly Scholl | Photography by Melissa Valladares

Kasie Kyle and Paul Pardi opened the curated boutique in 2021.

Discover an eclectic collection of distinctive home decor at The Aesthetic.

The History After turns in the corporate technology world, Kasie Kyle and Paul Pardi went looking for a new adventure. “We love our home and enjoy finding high-quality, unique items to fill our spaces,” they note. “We also love traveling and have been to some wonderful places all over the world. In our travels, we always find beautiful items that are both functional and artistic. As we talked about what we wanted to do next, bringing our aesthetic to other people became a passion. Our store started out of a love of artistic craftsmanship, a view that our home is the heart of us as a couple and a desire to share those passions with our community.”

In late 2020, the couple decided on opening a brick-and-mortar shop, but it wasn’t until they landed in Scottsdale that they found the perfect place to do it. “While we haven’t been in Arizona very long, we consider ourselves ‘Arizonans’ at heart,” Kasie says. “We love the people, the cuisine and the philosophy of life that we’ve found here. We made the decision to open the store because we believe that our passions and design style fit very well with those in our community.”

The shop, located in Scottsdale, has a little something for everyone, from furniture and wall art to planters and barware.
Fast Facts

Paul Pardi and Kasie Kyle
Opened: 2021
7001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
Hours: Tues.-Fri.,
10 a.m.-5 p.m.;
Sat., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Phone: (480) 900-7637
Instagram/Facebook: @the_aesthetic_decor, theaestheticdecor

The Name “In philosophy, ‘aesthetics’ is the study of order and beauty. I have a background in philosophy and Kasie has spent a lot of her life in a variety of creative spaces,” Paul explains. “When we were tossing around names for the shop, our simultaneous reaction to the name ‘The Aesthetic’ was, ‘That’s it!’” 

The Concept With a design style described by the owners as “luxury modern bohemian,” the shop is filled with unique home decor and giftable items. “We focus on products with a lot of rich color, natural fibers and materials and quality craftsmanship,” Kasie explains. “One major priority is on curation—carefully choosing items that are unique, while still fitting into the modern home. We use our wanderlust to find new styles and unique items and seek to source our products from both global and local artisans when possible.”

The Ethos “Our main focus is on helping our guests enrich their lives by surrounding themselves with unique, beautiful things,” Kasie continues. “The home is our true passion. It’s the place where people should be able to be themselves and fully express who they are.

A collection of handcrafted vessels makes an eye-catching tabletop arrangement. “We’re told constantly that our shop carries things that people haven’t seen before,” notes Kyle. “Of course, being unique by itself isn’t enough. We work hard to balance uniqueness with artisan craftsmanship of the highest quality.”
Beyond just home goods, The Aesthetic also features a chic collection of wearable accessories, such as hats, wraps and handbags.

It’s where you eat your best meals, have the biggest laughs with friends and family, raise your kids and spend retirement with those you love. Making your home a place you’d rather be more than anywhere else is really our driving passion.”

The Aesthetic also strives to support the unique works of artisans and craftsmen and recognizes the importance of sustainability. “For example, our candle refill program,” Paul points out. “We pour our own candles, so for any we sell, customers can bring in their used vessels, and we’ll clean them out and refill them for a modest cost.”

The Inventory From gorgeous dinnerware sets out of Portugal and bohemian planters to Italian glassware and striking decor for mantles, tabletops and entryways, there is a little bit of everything for the home. “As cocktail connoisseurs, we’ve brought in a full line of unique barware that we source from Portland and Italy,” Kasie says. “Plus, we’re currently featuring wonderful Arizona-focused paintings from a Fountain Hills artist that we’re just crazy about.”

The Bestsellers “People in Arizona and those visiting love the stunning cactus we enjoy in this region,” Kasie notes. “One of our bestsellers is our line of porcelain cacti we’ve carried since we opened. Our customers also love our ‘cocktail in a bottle’ line produced in Nashville, our candle line and fragrance items.”

The Next Chapter “As we look to the future, we want to continue to source quality products from Arizona but also from across the U.S. and other places we travel,” the couple says. “Our goal is to have a space where people in the area know they can get gorgeous, small-batch products that are unique and high-quality. We’re also looking at clothing and furniture as a way to expand our offering down the road.”


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