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Outdoor Oasis

Make your dream outdoor living space a reality.

High Desert Designs

High Desert Designs was founded by Arizona native and Phoenix Home & Garden 2017 “Masters of the Southwest” award winner Chad Norris. Using a home’s exterior landscape as the canvas, HDD creates impactful, luxury outdoor environments showcasing unique living art plant combinations, along with functional designs to relax and entertain. After each design and install project, HDD offers their clients a concierge landscape maintenance service to preserve the beauty of the home and protect their investment. HDD is dedicated to providing the client with a design to make an impact and create a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of Arizona.

High Desert Designs
Chad Norris | Owner and Designer
Office: 480.553.6211

Skye Walls by Western Window Systems

A view you never knew existed. A standing invitation to connect with the outdoors. Sunlight and fresh air. Moving glass walls from Skye Walls don’t just transform your home, they redefine the way you live in it.

Whether they’re blending the indoors with the outside, expanding living areas, or providing taller and wider views, Skye Walls’ moving glass walls revolutionize how you experience your home, in ways you never thought possible.

When you purchase a moving glass wall from Skye Walls, you get an experience unlike any other. We take care of every part of the process, from manufacturing your custom product to installation and cleanup. That means you can start enjoying your new way of living faster — in most cases, within a week of product delivery.

To learn more, visit our website or call us today.
877-553-1250 |

Trademark Landscape

Considered one of the top luxury landscape design-build-maintain firms in the Phoenix metropolitan area, Trademark Landscape is the creative vision of owners Larry and Peggy De La Garza. The company has more than 40 years of experience and licensure in residential landscape design with each consecutive year bringing more growth and success.

In 2015, Peggy was named a Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner for her exceptional eye as a landscape designer.  She utilizes her love of flowers and color to create hybrid landscapes filled with flowers, cacti and succulents that showcase her artistry and understanding of design. No matter the style of the home, the area of the landscape or the client’s vision, Trademark’s work always stands out above the rest.

Trademark Landscape
623.869.7110  |  Phoenix

Belgard Solutions Center

Belgard Hardscapes is paving the way to the perfect outdoor oasis. Belgard offers the largest selection of locally manufactured and nationally backed products and services.  From pavers and wall products to inspirational design portfolios, how-to videos and professional design resources, Belgard makes it easy to design for any style.  Not sure where to start?  Belgard Rooms is an innovative online design tool that allows you to select the space you want to transform then view different designs and materials virtually.

To learn more about Belgard Rooms visit Then come by the Belgard Solutions Center in Tempe where we have put together over 3,000 square feet of lifestyle hardscape displays for you to explore in air conditioned comfort.

Belgard Solutions Center
877-BELGARD | 877-235-4273
1919 W. Fairmont Ste. 5 | Tempe

Azul-Verde Design Group, Inc.

Here at Azul-Verde Design Group, Inc. we are experts in our field. Our landscape architects can handle your project every step of the way, from design to construction. We work with each client individually to give them a personalized space that best suits their needs. We specialize in designing beautiful areas for you to enjoy, regardless of the space you have.

Our experience includes custom swimming pools and spas, modern gardens, xeriscape plant material, quaint courtyards and outdoor dining and living areas. Let us turn your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary!

480.595.0611 |
7020 E.Bella Vista Dr., Cave Creek

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