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Levi Christiansen’s New “Shapes From Home” Collection is Like a Dream

Furniture designer Levi Christiansen

Furniture designer Levi Christiansen with his new collection, “Shapes From Home.”

The new “Shapes From Home” collection by furniture designer Levi Christiansen was inspired by lucid dreams the self-taught artisan experienced as a child. Geometric and angular, the set of five handcrafted walnut pieces reflects the same aesthetically interesting shapes seen in these nocturnal visions buried deep in the Phoenix native’s subconscious. “Formulating a design that honors the integrity of the raw materials while defining a new shape or style is my goal,” Christiansen explains, “and while ‘Shapes From Home’ is inspired by an abstract idea, my design philosophy is rooted in creating balanced and beautiful furniture.”

Here are five pieces in the “Shapes From Home” collection.

1. There, There Sofa

There, There Sofa by Levi Christiansen

Photo by Mark Peterman

Made of hand-oiled solid walnut, hand-sewn upholstery and buttery ink leather, the “There, There Sofa” is as comforting as its moniker. A poetic collocation of tailored exterior volumes and a topographical upholstered interior, the sofa is underscored by a folded backrest which denotes both the depth and comfort of the individually designer back.

2. Juntos Shelf

Juntos shelf by Levi Christiansen

Photo by Mark Peterman

Named after the Spanish word for together, “juntos,” this shelf was cleverly crafted to maximize uniform visual elements while allowing subtle divisions in the symmetry to negotiate a cascading joinery of solid wood construction. Its rich color was achieved using hand-oiled solid walnut. Paired with hardware free construction, the resulting product comes together in virtually seamless form.

3. Rhoco Chair

Rhoco chair by Levi Christiansen

Photo by Mark Peterman

Hand-crafted with wool boucle, hand-oiled solid walnut and hand-sewn upholstery, this cozy yet effortlessly chic statement chair masterfully reimagines traditional wood-working techniques, combining bold forms and striking geometric lines with compelling proportions. The result? A rhythmic visual impact that maximizes comfort as much as it does style.

4. Plural Table

Plural table by Levi Christiansen

Phtoo by Mark Peterman

The “Plural Table” proves the more, the merrier with its elevated interaction of shapes and materials. Designed to embrace the parallels between complexity and simplicity, the piece elegantly highlights soft forms while demonstrating a capable foundation that is effortlessly customizable to work with any size or space.

5. Straddle Side Table

Straddle side table by Levi Christiansen

Photo by Mark Peterman

Featuring hand-oiled solid walnut and made with hardware free construction, this sensuous side table hits all the right angles thanks to two diverging solid wood ellipses that root the cantilevered top to the ground. This winsome aesthetic was achieved through meticulous consideration of how a sculpted base elects to pass through a stable yet visually suspended surface.


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