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How to Plant Stunning Winter Pots

Combine vibrant flowering species for cheerful hues all winter long.

By John Roark | Photography by Art Holeman

“This is the time of year in Arizona when flowering plants really get the chance to shine,” says landscape designer Peggy De La Garza. “Pots bursting with colorful blossoms add bold, vibrant accents to a yard and, with a little care, can last until the early days of summer.” Here, the Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner shares her favorite cool-season floral mixes for Valley gardeners.

“With its distinctive leaf patterns, the zebra plant is a perfect foil for pastel-hued, delicate impatiens, which drape beautifully over the sides of the pot.”


1. Zebra plant
(Aphelandra squarros)   

2. Babby mixed variety impatiens
(Impatiens walleriana)

3. New Guinea impatiens
(Impatiens hawkeri)   

“You can’t beat coleus for dramatic fall color. Offset the plant’s autumnal hues with easy-to-grow white geraniums, violet-hued calibrachoa, dianthus and impatiens. This grouping provides a riot of colorful blooms.”


4. Geranium

5. Coleus

6. Calibrachoa

7. Impatiens

8. Dianthus

“This varied combo has great curb appeal. Cockscomb, alyssum and geraniums all do well in filtered sun and require the same amount of water. If placed in a brighter area, the taller plants will provide shade for the smaller flora.”


9. Geranium

10. Snapdragons 
(Antirrhinum majus)

11. Alyssum

12. Cockscomb 

13. Pansies

Peggy’s Tips
  • Place plants that will grow taller, such as snapdragons or geraniums, in the center of the pot with low-growing and trailing varieties around the perimeter.
  • For an added layer of interest and variety, group flora that have different shapes and colors of leaves.
  • To achieve lush displays that you can enjoy right away, buy plants in one-gallon or 4-inch pots from your local nursery and pack them tightly together in a single container.


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