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Grow a Pop of Celtic Color

Plant cheerful shamrocks in a windowsill pot for a verdant hint of Irish charm.

By John Roark

Add a touch of the Emerald Isle to a sunny windowsill with a potted shamrock (Oxalis regnellii), found at nurseries and floral departments this time of year. Available in more than 900 species with a variety of leaf and blossom colors, this low-maintenance perennial—which is a type of wood sorrel—will produce cheery blooms in winter and spring before going dormant in the summer months.

“Shamrocks are interesting to watch. The leaves close up at night and open each morning with the sun,” says Pima County Master Gardener Jackie Lyle of this conversation starter. “Plus, it’s fun to bring a little ‘Luck of the Irish’ to your home.”

Type: Perennial

Size: 12″H by 12″W

Soil: Well-drained

Light: Bright, indirect

Water needs: Weekly

Blooms: Red, white, yellow or pink

Maintenance: Rotate pot once or twice each week to promote even growth. Deadhead or pinch spent flowers to prolong bloom period.


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