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Fun for Fido

A new doggy day camp opens in North Scottsdale.

By Nickole Byrn

During the day, dogs are often left at home while their owners are at work or school. This means being cooped up inside the house. We like to believe that they spend their time dreaming about running in grassy fields with their canine companions—but what if  those dreams could become a reality?

Now you can make your dog’s fun-filled fantasies come true. Camp Bow Wow, a doggy day care and boarding facility, is opening its fifth Valley location in North Scottsdale this month. Additional locales are found in Phoenix, Mesa, Peoria and Avondale.

The new 8,500-square-foot facility offers overnight rooms, play areas, dog pools and an spaces for training sessions. Worried pet parents can sneak a peek of their furry friends via live-feed cameras placed thoughout the building, and a smartphone app connects to bird’s-eye and ground-level cameras allows owners to constantly observe their dogs.

Camp Bow Wow is designed to improve the quality of a pet’s life by providing human and canine interactions in a both a fun and safe environment.
“The dogs are exhausted by the time they get home, and a tired dog is a happy dog,” says owner Andrea Csaszar.

Of course, the excitement doesn’t have to last only throughout the day. The center is also a canine sleep-away camp. “The overnight stays are all-inclusive. The cabins come with a cot, blanket and a tasty campfire treat,” says Csaszar.

Owners can choose from three different accommodations for their pet’s visit: Eighty-seven standard cabins, 12 teacup suites for smaller dogs and four luxury suites fitted with TVs and private pet-to-owner cameras.

Before pets can enjoy the day or night camp, they are required to attend a free interview day. Which enables the counselors and owner to evaluate how the dog interacts with staff and other canines to ensure the camp is a safe environment.

Day camp price begin at $25 for a 5-hours and $33 for a full day, with package deals available for multi-day visits. Night rates for a single dog range from $55 for standard cabins to $102 for the luxury suites. All overnight stays include day care. (


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