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Budget Tips for Dog-Friendly Upgrades to Your Backyard

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Photo by Samson Katt via Pexels

Dogs are curious and full of energy, so, just as you would child-proof your home, you need to make adjustments for your furry kids. In the United States, approximately 2 million dogs are adopted annually. If you’re a new pet parent in Phoenix or Scottsdale, you may need to install dog-friendly improvements to quickly upgrade your home. There are various easy ways you can implement pet-friendly yard and home improvements on a budget.

Storage for Tools and Equipment

The first step is to put away tools like rakes, shears and shovels that can injure your dog. If you’re an avid DIYer, you may have machinery with blades and sharp attachments which need to be stored. Storage sheds are great solutions and will enhance your yard while making it safer. Deluxe sheds offer various roof profiles to mimic your home, including A-frame, gabled, gambrel, flat-topped, and lean-to styles. There are plenty of shed designs and styles to suit your aesthetic, such as:

  • Plastic PVC sheds. Modern and easy to clean.
  • Vinyl sheds. Durable in the Scottsdale heat.
  • Wooden sheds. Create a rustic, cottage-style.
  • Metal sheds. Robust, simple, and affordable.
  • Barn style. Perfect for storing large equipment.

Backyard Upgrades

Improving the yard is an affordable way to upgrade your property to protect pets. You can do this cost-effectively through landscaping. Trees are pretty and create shade for your dog, but can pose problems if not properly maintained. Dead trees are hazardous because of falling branches and their potential to attract pests.
Do a search online for an “affordable tree service near me,” and be sure to look for professionals with the correct equipment to remove large trees. Depending on the size of the tree and proximity to your home, removal could cost you between $50 and $1,500 in Scottsdale. It’s important to choose a contractor that is trusted and well-reviewed, so check various online testimonials. Remember to ask for three estimates and always verify that the price includes stump grinding and disposal.

Check Your Plants

Plants are often overlooked by homeowners, but certain varieties are toxic to dogs. If you aren’t sure if a plant is safe, download the Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) app to help you determine which plants can be a danger to dogs. Plants provide shelter, however, make sure that potted plants are secure so that your dog can’t knock them over and injure themselves. If you have a natural lawn, bear in mind that dogs like to dig. Creating a sandpit section for them can save the grass.

Landscaping Features

Features that can make your backyard functional and pet-friendly include trellises, where creeping plants can be trained for additional shade, and a patio or decking that can incorporate a dog house or bed. Small water features can safely add ambiance and provide a place to drink on hot Arizona days. Consider the height of steps if you have a smaller pup and keep pathways level and comfortable underfoot.


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