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Faces of the Thunderbird Wall®

Thunderbird Custom Design

Brandon and Jamie Luna

Thunderbird Custom Design always had a strong vision, to seamlessly merge functionality with style and to create unique, decorative centerpieces for their clientele. From a beginning in drywall installation in 2005, to a redirect in vision in 2009, the company’s scope and mission statement have landed on the design of customized media walls that serve as an original, personalized focal point in any home. Building a Thunderbird Wall helps clients feel empowered to step away from the traditional entertainment center and instead, envision a centerpiece that fits the character of the home. Whether the theme is modern, contemporary, southwestern, or a blend of many stylistic elements, TCD strives to bring the “wow” factor to the living space by conceptualizing and customizing the piece to fit the customers’ needs. With this individualized approach, and focus on the client, it is no wonder Thunderbird Custom Design is the fastest growing media wall designer/builder not only in Arizona – but nationwide.

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