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Faces of Luxury Home Design

Candelaria Design

Mark Candelaria
Meredith Thomson
Tim Mathewson
Evelyn Jung

602.604.2001 | Scottsdale

Celebrating 23 years of designing spectacular homes throughout Arizona and beyond, Candelaria Design was founded in 1999 by Phoenix Home & Garden Master of the Southwest, Mark Candelaria, AIA, and is today joined by his partners Meredith Thomson, Tim Mathewson, and Evelyn Jung, all whom will guide the award-winning firm into the future. Our mission is to accentuate and celebrate every aspect of living through mindful and timeless design while working with the best designers, artisans, and builders in all styles and settings. The Candelaria Design vision of designing homes that inspire living has expanded into our Candelaria Design Tours to Italy, Spain, and the Willamette Valley, and feature cooking, dining, educational experiences, and cultural immersion. A Candelaria Design home is much more than a structure, it embodies the wishes, memories, and soul of our clients.


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