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Face of the Eighth Wonder of the World and the Premiere Purveyor of the Earth

Rare Earth Gallery

Wayne Helfand, Owner and Purveyor

480.210.1199 | 
Cave Creek

Located in beautiful Cave Creek, Arizona, Rare Earth Galley is a world-class destination for one-of-a-kind creations using minerals, gems, fossils, metals and stones that spring from Mother Earth.

Truly the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, Rare Earth Gallery is one of the world’s largest mineral and landscape home décor show places. The new 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility is open to the public and boasts spectacular displays of rare treasures of the Earth. 

Rare Earth Gallery features awe inspiring, objects d’art, jewelry, wall art, lamps, tables, rare crystal specimens, outdoor sculptures and fountains crafted from unique, natural materials. Plus, their reach extends beyond Earth with a collection of extra-terrestrial meteorites and tektites mounted into exquisite stands.

Wayne Helfand (Owner of Rare Earth Gallery) hugging a five ton “Earth Keeper” natural quartz crystal.

The concept for Rare Earth Gallery began over 40 years ago when owner Wayne Helfand envisioned the creation of the most spectacular natural art gallery in the U.S.. His enthusiasm for Earth’s precious geological gifts resulted in a gallery that makes unusual gems and minerals available to everyone from new rock hounds to the most discerning of designers. He continually travels the globe in search of the finest art from the earth to bring back to Arizona.

The Rare Earth Gallery staff is an exceptional group with a wealth of knowledge and friendly professionalism that compels you to inquire, learn more, and explore our amazing collections. They are here to assist you, every step of the way.

Rare Earth Gallery’s magnificent pieces are perfect for home, office, and as landscape decor. These treasures provide a lifetime of natural beauty and elegance. Whether looking for that perfect statement piece or a gift for a friend or loved one, Rare Earth Gallery offers something for every taste and budget.


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