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Editor’s Letter – May 2020

By John Roark

“This isn’t the end. it’s the beginning.” These words have given me hope, challenged my perspective and helped me to reconsider my thought process.

In a recent phone conversation, interior designer James McIntyre and I were commiserating on the current worldwide chaos caused by COVID-19. We waxed nostalgic about the good old days when a trip to the grocery store was simple and enjoyable, friends got together for dinner and a movie, and hugs and handshakes were exchanged without worry of possible health implications. I found myself focused on the long-term ramifications of all this uncertainty, and my glass, as they say, was half empty. James had a different take. Yes, he said, many things will be forever changed by this pandemic. But we will get through this chaos and hopefully we will be better for it.

While life has gotten more complicated, in many ways it has become simpler. Now more than ever, our homes and gardens are our sanctuaries—no longer just where we crash at the end of the day but the bubble in which we spend the vast majority of our time. As we go to press, Valley nurseries report that business has been brisk as Arizonans return to the simple pleasures of working the land, planting, spiffing up their landscapes and literally taking time to smell the roses.

The same applies to our interiors. Shedding our rationalizations for procrastination, we are taking on home improvement projects ourselves or making plans for more ambitious endeavors to embark on when things get better.

To that end, we hope our pages this month will bring you inspiration, provide food for thought and give your imagination the opportunity to soar. As you hunker down, consider the art of the possible. Dare to envision your home as you have always wanted it and commit to how that can become a reality—if not today, then soon.

John Roark
Editor in Chief


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