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Editor’s Letter for October/November 2022

By John Roark

photo by Steve Craft

During given year, we consider a lot of homes and gardens for publication. 

Visiting these properties is one of the most enjoyable parts of what we do. Frequently, residences come to our attention through the builders or design professionals responsible for their creation. Sometimes homeowners reach out directly. In whatever manner they come across our radar, we are always eager to see beautiful architecture, landscapes and interior design.  

While we publish those stories that we believe will inspire our readers, there are standout properties that for whatever reason, rank among our personal favorites. Former Phoenix Home & Garden editor-in-chief Linda Barkman once shared a story of a home she visited in Italy that haunts her to this day. I have my own collection of places that have completely knocked my socks off. 

The Paradise Valley garden that graces the cover and pages of this issue is one of those unforgettable instances. It was first shown to me a couple of years ago by Masters of the Southwest award-winning landscape architect Russell Greey. I am rarely at a loss for words, but as Russ led me through the many paths, vignettes and courtyards, I must have exclaimed “Oh my GOD!” at least a dozen times, every time we turned a new corner. 

If you were a VIP ticket holder for our 2022 Garden Tour, you too were able to experience this singular property in person. We still hear raves months after the event. Like a Hollywood starlet whom the camera loves, this landscape has virtually no bad angles or views. Photographing it was a joy, and we came away with so many great images we might have done a whole book on this property alone. It is that stunning. 

It is our pleasure to name this our Garden of the Year, a first for this publication as far as I am aware. We hope you enjoy its story as much as we love bringing it to you.

John Roark
Editor in Chief


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