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Editor’s Letter for February/March 2023

By John Roark

Carl Schultz



Interior designer

Landscape designer


For the five men and women who join the Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest family this year, the above words go far beyond titles on business cards or LinkedIn profiles. As this magazine has done since the accolade was conceived in 1990, our staff has carefully chosen the standouts who have earned the highest tribute we can bestow. When a profession becomes a passion, and a vision is fearlessly, tirelessly and consistently delivered, in our eyes that makes a Master of the Southwest. That’s just the beginning.

Although obviously an essential component for consideration, this award reaches farther than talent. When an individual’s drive for excellence has made its indelible mark here in the Valley, and they have earned the true respect of clients, peers and collaborators alike, we believe that needs to be celebrated.

The Masters of the Southwest program is not just about presenting trophies. For us, it is also about expressing our thanks. We are grateful to know these individuals and to recognize their hard work on our pages, in our community and our state. In a landscape where local awards tend to be doled out more and more frequently, it bears noting that the Masters of the Southwest has been a PH&G tradition for 33 years. As Arizona’s only 100% locally produced—and the Southwest’s most influential—shelter publication, we take fierce pride in our responsibility of bringing you the best and brightest.

Join us in saluting the “class” of 2023. You will meet and get to know them on the pages to come. Architect Craig Wickersham, builder Anthony Salcito, interior designer Wendy Black Rodgers, landscape designer Bennett McGregor and preservationist Alison King: This issue is for you. What you have accomplished—and continue to achieve—inspires our awe. We welcome you in joining more than 300 peers who have come before you in accepting this distinction. Our pride in you is genuine, and in collaborating with you, the honor is ours.

John Roark
Editor in Chief


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