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Editor’s Letter – February 2020

By John Roark

In this issue, we celebrate art in many forms. From paintings to photographs to sculpture—even the artistic nuances of furniture and architecture—these pages showcase not only the works themselves but also abodes where the inclusion of art is as essential to the inhabitants as having plumbing and a roof. We meet artisans who are making their mark in the Valley, and we explore resources right here in our community that preserve the important past and encourage the promising future of visual creativity.

There are many reasons why an artwork resonates with us. Frequently the narrative behind a creation makes it beautiful—and beyond value—to its owners. Worth is not the exclusive domain of price tag, pedigree or provenance. Just as important are our own histories and the memories that accompany each treasure. A signed, limited-edition print scrimped and saved for during the lean years; a sculpture found in an Italian village on a summer afternoon; a thrift-store landscape almost passed over while window shopping with a friend: These pieces can take us back to a time and place.

Your art and your stories matter. Whether you’ve got a giclee from your favorite painter, a print by a local silkscreener or a number of blue-chip originals so rare they belong in a museum behind velvet ropes, revel in curating your own collection. Take an afternoon to explore Arizona’s galleries, shops, festivals and marketplaces. Open your eyes and your mind to places, people and means of expression beyond your usual. Your next great acquisition is waiting to be discovered.


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