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Editor’s Letter–December 2019

Our December issue celebrates the holiday traditions of Southwest.

By John Roark

As I was growing up, every December my family would drag the boxes of seasonal decorations from where they hibernated beneath the stairs. Opening each was like discovering a time capsule. Hands down, the best part for me was unwrapping the Christmas tree ornaments, which in essence charted the history of our little clan. When my sisters and I were very young, my mother would buy craft kits to occupy our little hands, get us into the Yuletide spirit and keep us busy—and quiet—for hours on end. The earliest examples of our handiwork were glitter-encrusted popsicle-stick stars and painted macaroni glued to pieces of cardboard. As we got older and our skills were honed, our artistry got more sophisticated. And then at some point our enthusiasm waned, putting an endcap on that chapter. While our finest efforts may have been something only a mother could love, the crude trinkets that adorned our tree were special because they were a part of our story. If I had them today, I would value them more than the priciest store-bought baubles.

This time of year should be about those we hold in our hearts, whoever and wherever they are. Whatever occasion you observe this season as you reconnect with friends, family or your family of choice, take time to savor the simple joys and celebrate your histories. While wish lists often include items that we deem too extravagant to buy for ourselves, there is much to be said about those treasures that transcend dollar value. Beauty can be found in something as humble as a crèche made of construction paper, pipe cleaners and a peanut with googly eyes.

From all of us at Phoenix Home & Garden to all of you, happy holidays.


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