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Editor’s Letter – August 2020

By John Roark

Photo by Jesse Reiser

We like smaller spaces. Don’t get me wrong, we love vast expanses, too, and I have delighted in visiting some homes that I literally have gotten lost in. It’s fun to speculate how I would inhabit a structure in which I would have to call out, “I’m in the east wing!” in order to narrow down my whereabouts for anyone trying to find me.

As grand as some of the manses are that we feature on our pages, the reality is that most of us occupy more modest square footage. Scaled down doesn’t have to mean uninspired or unexciting. What is important is optimizing the space we do have. Finding creative solutions for storage, for comfortably accommodating both family and visitors, and for configuring a flow that enhances our daily routines are challenges that can be met with creativity and style.

Interior designer Anita Lang and I recently discussed this very topic after touring a larger-scale project she had completed. “I enjoy designing smaller spaces, which often need to provide multilayered functionality,” she says. For example, a home office might double as guest quarters, while a laundry room may moonlight as a craft and hobby area.

Whatever the size, an interior must offer an elevated stress-free lifestyle based on convenience, Lang explains. “Even in our most luxurious homes, our clients require a certain amount of simplicity and ease of maintenance. As modern day life grows in complexity and demands, serenity in our havens offers a counterbalance.”

Now more than ever, we are spending most of our time inside our homes. In this issue, we bring ideas that will inspire you to make the most of your own floor plan, whether you number your square feet in the hundreds or thousands.

John Roark
Editor in Chief


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