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Editor’s Journal – July 2018

By Karol DeWulf Nickell, Editor in Chief

Thankful and happy to be here

My viewpoint on what makes living in the Southwest so amazing is constantly changing. Just when I thought that only old adobe homes have authentic charm, I was blown away by the beguiling character of a newly built, territorial-style residence. Upon learning that the home’s starting point was a beaded leather art piece, I imagined it must have brought good karma. And the aligned relationship between owner and designer/builder and their lovingly shared storytelling about countless details, reclaimed furniture and flying pigs also imbue the dwelling and its surrounding outdoor spaces with a certain spirit. A happy one. See our story here.

Another key facet of my perspective on this subject hasn’t changed, however. I believe most people living here want to be here. Whether our own abode is graciously grand or humbly honorable, we are blessed to be inhabitants in this precious, timeless, beautiful, wild and, yes, spiritual place.

April 11

One of the many pleasures of being the editor in chief of this home and garden magazine is working with talented, smart and innovative photographers. In tandem with art direction from staffers Holland Utley and Brian Lilley, these invaluable team members bring our stories alive with stunning imagery. Today’s shoot is no exception, as photographer Mike Woodall captured the early morning light for this issue’s cover.

May 10

Loved getting this positive comment about our May issue from a reader.
“Welcome to the 21st century. The magazine’s new look is fabulous. Job well done.”

—Recky Maltenfort, Scottsdale

May 21

According to this subscriber, we hit a home run with our June issue.
“Thank you for featuring Palm Springs. This issue was beautifully done, and I’m sure it will open the eyes of your readers to the versatility and cultural diversity of our city. This month’s edition is absolutely a keeper!”

—Marilee Morgan, Palm Desert, California

May 3

Tonight’s long-anticipated event is our first chance to share behind-the-scenes insights on our magazine’s new design with readers, the design community and business partners. Our fresh visual approach to Southwestern architecture, interior design, landscapes, art, collections, cuisine and lifestyles celebrates our magazine’s legacy while unveiling a new chapter that embraces the wide variety of homes, gardens and arts that make our region so exciting and diverse. Thanks to all who attended our special evening! A video of our presentation can be seen above.

May 31

The adage “good things come to those who wait” is perfectly exemplified by this month’s exciting news: Our website is up and running, and we’re thrilled to report that the new baby is healthy, happy and beautiful! We welcome you to drop by often, as our content there will grow and change constantly. It’s another way we provide ideas and inspiration for your home, family and personal life, and for you to stay connected with what’s happening in the design community.

May 16

In honor of The Camelback Inn’s new Paradise Ballroom, team members Brian Lilley, Carly Scholl and John Roark were invited to “christen” the new floor at a hard-hat preview bash.

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