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DLB Custom Homes – A Hometown Builder’s 25-Year Legacy

Making An Indelible Mark

From Scottsdale to Prescott, the unique imprint DLB Custom Homes has made over the past 25 years can be felt across the state in the most distinctive ways. And one of the reasons this hometown builder has fostered an enduring legacy is due to its commitment to unrivaled craftsmanship.

Giving Design Function

As a builder anchored by the academics of design, DLB Custom Homes has shown time and again its ability to fuse form with function and bring novel architectural concepts to life in the most livable ways.

Building Relationships And Homes

The completion of a home doesn’t mark the end of a relationship. At DLB Custom Homes, those connections continue, through decades and multiple homes. And that’s the true legacy of a hometown builder.
ROC# 137750-B


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