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DIY: Sunburst Mirror

With simple clothespins and paint stirring sticks, you can create a mesmerizing mirror that pairs the soft, organic tones of raw wood with the modern motif of a radiating sunburst.


Frameless mirror, 10 inches in diameter

50 (approximately) wooden clothespins

60 (approximately) wooden paint-stirring
   sticks, 14 inches long

30 (approximately) wooden paint-stirring
   sticks, 21 inches long

Plywood board

Glue gun and glue sticks




Carefully separate clothespins halves and discard the metal springs.


Glue the slim, tapered end of a half clothespin to the bottom edge of a 14 inch stirrer stick so that their corners are aligned. On the long, straight edge of the clothespin, glue another stirrer stick, either 14 or 21 inches. Alternate long and short stirrers in whatever fixed or random pattern you desire.


Continue gluing clothespin halves and wooden stirrers in sequence until you complete a full circle. Allow glue to dry completely overnight.


With a pencil, trace the full circumference of the mirror onto the plywood board. Carefully cut out the circle with a jigsaw.


Glue the plywood circle to the center of one side of the wooden frame made from clothespins and stirrers.


With the reflective side facing out, glue the mirror to the opposite side of the wooden frame. Use a painting hook or small screw to hang the mirror.


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