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Designer Shares Secrets to Adding a Dash of Decadence to your Holiday Decor

Christmas trees are not just interior adornments. For a celebration at Verrado, a community in Buckeye, interior designer Regina Washburn used the on-property pergola to create an elegant mise-en-scène, complete with a platform for serving Champagne. “The gorgeous Arizona weather and landscape were the perfect backdrop for our festive tree display,“ she recalls.

From gilded baubles and dapper displays, to whimsical luminaries and sumptuous spreads, we asked Regina Washburn—an interior designer with more than 30 years of experience decorating homes for the holidays—to share some of her favorite Yuletide vignettes, indoors and out.

By Lauren Tyda | Photography by Mark Lipczynski

For a timeless and  opulent aesthetic, Washburn is fond of mixing tones of black, cream and gold with a little bijoux. “Adding touches of jewelry to your tree creates movement and subtle elegance,” she explains. For added sparkle, the designer bedazzles plain ornaments with beads, rhinestones and glitter: “I suggest applying jeweled buttons, earrings and brooches attached with a craft adhesive to create your own unique bling.“ Boxes with elegant wrapping complete the look.
For this 9-foot-tall second-floor sapling, Washburn centered on a woodland theme: snow-covered sleds, delicately carved wooden ornaments, massive sleigh bells, snow-tipped pine cones, winter birds, a bearded traveler and topper of twigs and leaves.
For a custom-fashioned outdoor serving station, the designer used the silhouette of a top hat as inspiration. “The ‘hat’ turned upside down became the perfect tablescape to walk around and sample hors d’oeuvres,” she notes. “The inside of the brim erupts with balloons, lights and bubbles. And it’s timeless, so it can be used for any holiday or celebration.”

INTERIOR DESIGNER: Regina Washburn, Creative Decadence.

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