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Bring Classic Blue Into Your Home

Incorporate Pantone’s Color of the Year into any room with these easy tips from a pro.

By Carly Scholl

Pantone’s 2020 pick for Color of the Year is a tribute to a tint that’s been well-loved and well-used by designers for decades: Classic Blue. The soothing shade settles somewhere between navy and cobalt, resulting in a tone that feels like a grown-up take on primary-school blue.

We asked local interior designer Lauren Lerner for some tips on how to create modern interiors using the tried-and-true hue and complementary design elements that will enhance its effect. “I’m a firm believer that you can never go wrong with blue,” she says. “It’s often my go-to for everything from rugs to accessories to furniture. I can always count on this color to have a beautiful grounding presence in any space.”

DINING ROOM A formal space, such as a dining room, doesn’t always have to feel so buttoned-up. The use of a solid rug in Classic Blue anchors the room around the table, which allows for a dynamic wallpaper to add movement and interest around the edges of the dining area. A modern beaded chandelier provides an airy element that balances the weight of the rug, while gray velvet chairs look both luxe and cozy in contrast to the layers of cool blue throughout the room.

BEDROOM There’s a misconception that dark-colored walls will make a room feel smaller, but when used mindfully, a deep shade, such as Classic Blue, actually adds depth and warmth. If you opt for a wallpaper treatment, pattern isn’t the only way to make a space pop. Try adding a textured grasscloth wallcovering in beautiful oceanic blue for an instantly elevated look and feel. Adding a neutral-hued rug with a subtle pattern on top of a carpet will help update your space and provide an extra layer of comfort. Lighting is the jewelry of a room, so for a bit of polish, splurge on elegant bedside lamps and keep surfaces clutter-free to maximize the calming effect of your blue walls.

GAME ROOM Blue has a knack for always being both on-trend and completely classic, making it a popular color choice for furniture. When using a statement sofa or chair, such as these velvet club chairs, remember to balance with neutral soft, textured throw pillows and blankets. More casual furnishings, including a cowhide rug and a wooden coffee table, make this game room feel cozy and inviting, while brass accents add a hint of upscale allure. The swirling blue wall art in this space is actually a TV that displays static digital images when not in use. A high-tech fixture such as this is a great way to change up decorative elements at the touch of a button.

ENTRYWAY Make a statement upon entrance into your home by using an animal print and sourcing it in a completely unexpected color, such as Classic Blue. But, if you’re anchoring an area with a deep shade, you’ll need elements that will draw the eye up off the ground. A statuesque potted cactus not only adds grandeur and volume to an entryway, but the soft tint of green harmonizes beautifully with blue. To complete the space, mix and match different materials for a well-rounded aesthetic. Traditional chocolate- and caramel-colored leather accents infuse an earthy sensibility, while a large mirror edged in brass is a welcome touch of glamour.


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