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An Arizona native returns to the desert to design a home that honors the best the Valley has to offer.

In the shadows of the Superstition Mountains, a desert modern home and landscape embrace their rural setting.

Beguiled by the desert’s beauty, an East Coast couple sets their sights on a landscape that reflects the region’s distinctive flora.

Eclectic interiors merge the past with the present in a charming Tudor-style abode.

A well-planned arrangement of native plants results in a landscape that wows year-round.

With an eye for style that spans eras and continents, interior designer Isabel Dellinger Candelaria infuses Valley homes with international élan.

Cultivated gardens by landscape designer Jeremy McVicars redefine lushness in a desert setting

An innovative water feature offers a window into a subaquatic world.

A multihued home in Phoenix embraces contemporary elegance with a playful edge.

An abundance of boulders and indigenous flora reunify a once-tropical landscape with its desert surroundings.