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With an eye for style that spans eras and continents, interior designer Isabel Dellinger Candelaria infuses Valley homes with international élan.

Cultivated gardens by landscape designer Jeremy McVicars redefine lushness in a desert setting

An innovative water feature offers a window into a subaquatic world.

Two families get a fresh start with a rebuilt home designed for their blended lifestyle.

A renovated landscape transforms a winter retreat into a desert paradise.

Inspired by its natural environment, a timeless Pueblo-style abode is a study in Sonoran savoir faire.

A passion for the Southwest inspires one couple to turn their garden into a vibrant showcase for Sonoran Desert flora.

Thirty years after its creation, a timeless landscape receives a modern-day makeover.

Organic shapes and native plants bring serene style to a Scottsdale landscape.

Manicured lawns, peaceful fountains and a richly appointed orangery evoke visions of Versailles at this Biltmore residence.