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2019 ASID Design Excellence Awards

Photography by Carl Schultz

1. ASID 2019 president Amy Strang, Amy Strang Interiors LLC; David Smith, Alexander Sinclair; Monica Sullivan, Moxie Design Studio.
2. Brian Cox; Cindy Lewton.
3. Miguel Madera; Lawrence Lake, first place award winner for reuse/repurposed design.
4. Award winner Sujaya Reddy; incoming 2020 ASID president Susan Solliday.
5. Tony Sutton, president and owner of Est Est; multiple award winner, Esther Boivin Interiors, Esther Boivin; Eileen Burick; Laurent Bernard.
6. Award winner Saeed Aslam, owner of Alyshaan Fine Rugs; Phoenix Home & Garden’s Joanne Smith.
7. Phoenix Home & Garden’s editor and chief John Roark; Jill Christenholz; Mark Stapp.
8. Judee Sheehan; Phoenix Home & Garden’s managing art director Brian Lilley and multiple award winner Kacie Lilley; Stacy Scharf.
9. Christina Johnson; Charlotte Johnson; Wendi Stallings, Private Label International; Zeina Stallings.
10. Drew Ketner; Kristin Batshe.
11. Maria Zambrano; Jim Pupillo; Sophia Ruck.
12. Laura and Michael Levenberg owners of Buffalo Collection; Cities West Media president, publisher of Phoenix Home & Garden and PHOENIX magazines Brett Wilson; Brand Cottage CEO Patricia Wilson.
13. Monty Everson; award winner Angelica Henry.
14. Multiple award winner, AB Design Elements Amy (Bubier) Klosterman; Jay Klosterman.
15. Award winners Joshua Kraak, Monica Tiffee, Saeed Aslam and Sameer Aslam, Alyshaan Fine Rugs.
16. Made Resource Group’s Yaiza Brown and Richard Wilkinson; Rachel Koepke, Own By Design; Ashley Willoughby, IMI Design.
17. Phoenix Home & Garden’s Joanne Smith; first place winner Paul Jeffrey, Paul Rene Furniture & Cabinetry; Mirembe Tendaji.
18. Chapter Administrator Deb Ritchie; Rich Emrich, ASID marketing representative; Amy Strang.
19. The Shade Store’s Cynthia O’Connor, Dianne Cantrell and Jody Lyons.
20. Vernon Swaback, SWABACK Architects + Planners; mutiple award winner Caroline Swaback, Studio V Interior Architecture & Design.
21. Don Evans, The Stone Collection general manager; Lisa Harrow.
22. Constance Bradley; Michael Madley, Michael Madley Furniture Design.
23. Best of Show award winner Lynne Beyer, Lynne Beyer Design Inc; Ryc Loope, HL Design Build, LLC.


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