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Artisan Tiles for the Kitchen and Bath

Inspired by global cultures and made in Arizona, these designs enliven any space.

By Carly Scholl | Photography by Rick Gayle

An essential element in any kitchen or bathroom, tile is much more than just a building material—it can create movement, texture, depth and patterns of color, and transform a tired space into your favorite room in the house. While there are thousands of options out there, we love to look to local sources for dramatic designs. On these pages are creations by three artisan tile makers that are based in Arizona but gather inspiration from around the globe, creating a plethora of styles perfectly suited for a sophisticated Sonoran home.

Tucson-based artisan Carly Quinn hand-glazes her 6″-square clay tiles with colorful motifs that reflect the crossroads of culture that define the Southwestern aesthetic. Moorish patterns come alive in the Alhambra Green tile (top left corner), while the Spanish-influenced Spiral Talavera (far right) features neutral tones punctuated by rich blues and green. $25 each. (

Known for their mastery of both bold, vibrant pieces and muted, organic designs, the craftspeople at Prados Hand-crafted Tile are inspired by everything from Latin traditions to vintage wallpapers. The 6″-square Embroidery tile (middle left) feels like a relic of a bygone era ($12.90), while the Pistaccio hexagon (left center) in matte green (4″ in diameter; $3.50) has a playful vibe. The gray matte star is a subdued but striking design (top center; 6″ in diameter). (

The artisans at Tabarka Studio take a cue from historical architecture and exotic locales in the design of their elegant tiles. The Zaha 1 hexagon (center; 5″ in diameter) features serene blues and gray, while the matching Mediterranean 17 tiles (bottom left) form a cheerful floral motif together, both 4.18″square. Prices upon request. (

The 6″-square Touareg’s (top left) detailed organic pattern is softened with monochromatic whites and grays—shades that are replicated in the Zaha 2 hexagon (top center; 5″ in diameter). For a dynamic duo, pair the high-relief Noblesse with the black-and-white Corteo (both center; both 4″ square). The Levantine star (bottom center; 9.5″ in diameter) adds a touch of terra cotta-hued sophistication. Prices upon request. (

Reminiscent of the meticulous geometric prints found on authentic Native American crafts, the Navajo Rug tile (bottom right) measures 3″H by 6″W for a slim design that would make a vibrant backsplash. $17 (

Inspired by a beachside cottage, the Rialto Napoli square (left center) is bedecked in a vibrant coastal blue. Bold diagonal stripes in a wash of charcoal gray give the Louvre tile (right center) a contemporary flair. Both 6″ square, $12.90 each. (


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