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Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel Connects Guests with Nature in Sedona

Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel in Sedona
Photo by Jeff Zaruba

Sleep among the stars and red rock giants at Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel in Sedona. The first of its kind, this luxurious adults-only retreat will immerse guests in the breathtaking natural environment of Sedona’s dramatic rock formations.

Each Atrium, perched atop steel piers above the ground, will offer 360-degree, panoramic views of one of Arizona’s most visually striking landscapes. Rooftop decks provide an idyllic, personal space to sunbathe or stargaze, and luxury amenities offer an escape from normalcy. Guests can join sunrise and sunset yoga classes, guided stargazing sessions and poolside films projected on a theater wall visible day and night.

Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel Q&A

Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel in Sedona
Photo by Jeff Zaruba
Can you tell us about your vision for this unique hotel concept?

Jennifer May, co-owner of Two Sister Bosses, the hotel management company: Similar to the handful of landscape hotels that exist around the world, Ambiente is built with a deep respect for the environment with a focus on sustainable methods and organic, modern architecture that complements the surrounding topography and minimizes the impact on the land. It has been our longtime dream to create a truly exciting and unique experience that is in harmony with the rare beauty of Sedona.

When guests first arrive at Ambiente, how will the landscape influence their experience?

JM: Ambiente is being constructed around the natural vegetation and topography of the land, requiring less cut and fill, which better meets today’s expectations of being responsible land stewards.

The hotel is comprised of 40 cubed-shaped, guest Atriums that are elevated above the ground by steel piers and constructed using floor-to-ceiling, bronze-tinted glass and matte-charcoal and rusted metal. The pier-method to building Ambiente’s Atriums basically eliminates the need to grade the land. During construction, this pier technique allows each Atrium to be rotated and individually hand-placed at very specific angles to fit, as best as possible, within the existing trees and flora, thereby maximizing the views.

The landscape architecture team is focused on preserving the existing vegetation and the plan is to save every native tree possible on the property during the process, while also reactivating the site’s ancient waterways in order to create a natural ecosystem with continuously flowing water throughout that complements the authentic look of the terrain.

Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel in Sedona
Photo by Jeff Zaruba
Where did you draw your inspiration for this project?

JM: Inspiration was drawn from the existing natural waterways onsite, as well as how other landscape hotels around the world incorporated their natural landscapes into the overall experience.

How did you incorporate Sedona’s existing landscape into your work at Ambiente?

Simon and Chris Bosman, landscape architects: Creating the water feature using the natural drainages/arroyos throughout Ambiente has been a unique and fulfilling experience. We were given the freedom to create something completely natural-looking to fit perfectly into the native landscape. With our proprietary process of replicating natural rock, we artistically installed babbling brooks that flow along each of the units, giving everyone creekside accommodations. Our goal for the water feature was for it to fit seamlessly into the natural landscape creating the impression that the streams were always there, helping to immerse the guests into nature.

Ambiente: A Landscape Hotel in Sedona
Photo by Jeff Zaruba
What do you hope guests come away with after staying at Ambiente?

JM: Our vision is for Ambiente to attract travelers from around the globe who will experience the wonders of Sedona in a whole new way, and to be the city’s leading example of sustainable tourism and innovative hotel design that promotes long-term vibrancy within the community.

King accommodations only. From $1,500 per night.



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