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5 Plant-Centric Home Essentials You So Need Right Now

Plant lovers, rejoice! Just in time for Earth Day, these five plant-centric products make it easy to connect with nature year-round. No green thumb required.

1. Lettuce Grow

Founded by Zooey Deschanel (yes, that Zooey Deschanel) and Jacob Pechenik, Lettuce Grow brings healthy, sustainable and abundant harvests into homes. Ideal year-round, this self-watering farmstand takes the time, space and anxiety out of growing fresh produce. With over 200 sprouted seedlings to choose from, Lettuce Grow is essentially like having a farm in your own backyard—without the space, hassle and skill that it takes to have an actual farm.

2. Pawena Planters

Frank Lloyd Wright Store’s newest artisan collaboration features hand-crafted ceramic planters inspired by bold Wright designs found at Taliesin West. The planters, designed by
Pawena Thimaporn of Los Angeles-based Pawena Studio, come in two seasonal variants—“Summer” and “Winter”—which represent the desert during different seasons. Available in three sizes, they reflect the architectural works of Wright, as well as his drawings and the work of his apprentices.

3. Rise Gardens

Featuring a hydroponic,“smart garden” system, Rise Gardens makes harvesting your own fruits and veggies at home easy. Just drop in the seed pods, add water and nutrients, and the automated watering and light system handles the rest. Thanks to Rise Gardens’ very own app, users are able to keep an eye out on their garden and know what’s happening at all times. Available in three modular sizes, as well as a countertop version, each garden comes complete with seeds; a three-part plant nutrient and pH mix; high efficiency full-spectrum LED lights; a power adapter; and a one-year warranty.

4. Bioo Living Installations

From the founders of Bioo—a biotechnology startup that generates electricity from nature—comes Bioo Living Installations. This revolutionary product transforms plants into biological switches, changing the way people interact with nature in cities, stores, events and much more. How does it work, you ask? The process begins when a living being (i.e. human) touches the plant. Upon coming into contact with human touch, the living plant perceives frequency changes that are converted into voltage. The voltage is then transmitted through the plant’s conductive bodies and soil. Bioo Living Installations capture this signal and convert it into a switch to activate any externally powered system. Bioo Living Installations have been installed around the world with executions ranging from the first-ever “plant piano” to private company events for product launches. The installations are offered as both custom-made designs for green walls, plant pots and wild plants or as plug-and-play technology adapted to pre-existing plants as domotic structures, with ready-to-use biological switches available in two sizes.

5. Solatube Tubular Lights

Living room with skylightA must have for any plant-filled home, Solatube tubular skylights harvest daylight from the rooftop and transfer it down a highly reflective tube, distributing it evenly into an interior space through a diffuser at the ceiling—on both sunny and cloudy days—with virtually no maintenance. The result: cost-effective, energy-efficient and eco-friendly lighting that floods any space in the home with beautiful, natural light at no cost once installed and no wasteful heat or cold transfer. While the technology for Solatube tubular skylights is complex, installing them is easy. Plus, there’s an accessory available to help the tubular skylights work for any space.


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