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5 New Must-Read Books to Add to Your Shelf This Winter

Deep Color: The Shades That Shape Our Souls

Author: Keith Recker
Take a deep dive into how the colors and shades of the world communicate ancient meanings and modern stories, from the traces of red ochre in early human settlements to the little black dresses of urban fashionistas. Recker takes a closer look at the messages and feelings evoked by different hues and intertwines with historical context and usage. $34 (

Dry Climate Gardening

Author: Noelle Johnson
A desert garden doesn’t have to be just rocks and cacti. With the ever-increasing reality of drought in mind, Johnson provides readers with a pathway to creating beautiful, low-water-use gardens that thrive in the heat, overflow with style, texture and color and support local wildlife. $29 (

Tiny Plants

Author: Leslie F. Halleck
Nothing is cuter than a potted succulent or a tiny handful of flowers in a vase. The author explores the world of miniature houseplants and itty-bitty foliage that grow in a minimal amount of space. Halleck spent her 27-year career creating a hybrid of horticultural science and home gardening needs. Her book showcases a fascinating array of perfectly petite houseplants to fill shelves, window sills or terrariums. $20 (

Gianetti Patina Homes

Authors: Steve Gianneti and Brooke Gianetti
This collaboration between the renowned married design duo allows a glimpse inside 12 homes, from a modern desert glass box to a historic East Coast farmhouse. Fans of the Gianetti Patina Farm books will enjoy this continuation of the idyllic aesthetic, which combines wood, metal and stone with a chalky patina color palette, along with modern, classical and industrial elements to create a sense of place and emotion. $50 (

The Complete Guide To Food Photography: How to Light, Compose, Style, and Edit Mouth-Watering Food Photographs

Author: Lauren Caris Short
Short made a U-turn from her corporate tax job in 2015 to pursue her passion as a full-time photographer and now works with clients from brands and products to restaurants and magazines. The book shares her entire image-making process with tips on the lighting, styling, storytelling, editing and composition of stellar food photography. The guide is filled with beautiful imagery, along with behind-the-scenes and diagrams for any budding food photographer to get started or polish up their skills. $40 (


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