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5 New Must-Read Books to Add to Your Shelf This Spring

Beginner’s Houseplant Garden

Author: Jade Murray
Need a fool-proof beginner’s guide to creating an indoor garden? This tome features the top 40 plants, from the easiest-to-care-for and hardest-to-kill to ones that can actually purify the air within your space. Murray is a self-taught, award-winning plant enthusiast and will provide helpful guidance on how and where to position plants; how to display them; and tips on feeding, watering and troubleshooting, even in the smallest of spaces. $20 (

The Language of Flowers

Author: Sarah Cray
Through watercolor, gouache and ink paintings, Cray uses her sixth book to explore the messages sent by a lovely bouquet of flowers, whether it’s an intimate gift for a significant other or a complement to spring decor. Each flower has a symbolic meaning, such as the love and romance of red roses or the happiness and cheerfulness of yellow tulips. Cray’s vibrant paintings pair perfectly with insight about the significance flowers create. This book is available for purchase on March 3. $16 (gibbs-smith.‌com)

A Gardener’s Guide to Botany

Author: Dr. Scott Zona
Take an in-depth look at the biology of the plants in your garden and home. This book shows the botanical journey that flora experience to grow and thrive, from the process of absorbing water, air and sunlight for growth to the chemical reactions that happen when light hits the plant. There are 200 images, along with writings in laymen’s terms, that gardeners of all levels can enjoy. $32 (quarto.‌com)

Green Kitchen: Quick & Slow

Authors: Luise Vindahl and David Frenkiel
This recipe guide captures life’s hurried and the leisurely moments in and out of the kitchen. From lazy weekday dinners to meals that are more about the journey than the destination, these recipes will teach how to cook modern, delicious vegetarian food. $30 (hardiegrant.‌com)

Imagine Buildings Floating Like Clouds

Author: Vladimir Belogolovsky
Peruse a collection of nearly 20 years of conversations with international leaders in art, design, photography, curation, critical theory and more. Belogolovsky’s conversations explore thought-provoking insights and opinions while delving into, comparing and contrasting the complex thought process of his subjects. $35 ( 


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