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5 Fascinating New Home and Gardening Books to Add to Your Reading List

What our editors are reading this month.

What Makes a Garden

Author: Jinny Blom
Explore the fascinating world of horticultural design and the magic of green spaces with Blom, an award-winning, internationally recognized landscape designer. With her profound insights and keen eye for beauty , the author invites readers on a captivating journey through the essence of gardens, uncovering the secrets that turn mere landscapes into thriving, soul-nourishing havens. $50 (

The Compost Coach

Author: Kate Flood
Join the sustainable revolution and cultivate your green thumb with this helpful guide to reducing your carbon footprint. “The Compost Coach” empowers readers to embrace composting, turning kitchen scraps and yard waste into fertile soil, while nourishing both their gardens and the planet. $28 (

City Nature:

Tales of Ornery Plants, Opinionated Birds, Gardening Triumphs and Tragedies, and Capturing It All Through a Lens

Author, designer and photographer: Martha Retallick
Amid growing concerns over Southwestern water scarcity, Retallick offers a compelling solution. Over the course of nearly two decades, she has transformed her Tucson home into an urban oasis through water harvesting. In this enlightening read, Retallick not only explains the importance of water harvesting in arid regions but also shares her hands-on experience, offering readers valuable insights into both passive and active water harvesting techniques. With more than 60 colorful photographs, the book also showcases the vibrant plant life, local wildlife and DIY projects that have made her home a testament to sustainable desert living. $100 ( 

The Land Gardeners: Soil to Table

Authors: Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtauld
Dive into the lush world of sustainable gardening and farm-to-table cuisine. This enchanting book takes you through the authors’ thriving gardens, where vibrant blooms and bountiful harvests become the foundation for delectable recipes, offering readers a blend of horticultural inspiration and culinary delight. $49 (

Mario Buatta: Anatomy of a Decorator

Author: Emily Evans Eerdmans
This exquisite pictorial pays homage to legendary designer Mario Buatta, offering readers an intimate glimpse into his timeless creations, lavish maximalist style and unique art of infusing elegance into every room. $55 (


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