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5 Fascinating New Books We’re Loving Right Now

Arizona Architect—John Douglas

Author: John Douglas
Explore the architectural legacy of Arizona visionary John Douglas. From iconic structures that shape the Phoenix skyline to hidden gems nestled amid the breathtaking desert landscapes, this pictorial celebrates Douglas’ iconic, timeless contribution to Southwest design, including the Heard Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, Scottsdale Center for Performing Arts and countless residences. Signed first-edition books are $250 (

Mark Candelaria Homes: Designs for Inspired Living

Authors: Mark B. Candelaria and David M. Brown
This captivating coffee-table book takes readers through 12 significant projects by venerable Valley architect Mark Candelaria. Whether it’s a handsome hacienda-style home or an elegant Spanish-colonial estate, each dwelling has its own story, accompanied by photos, sketches, blueprints and signature recipes, which Candelaria has been known to prepare for or with clients upon completion of a project. $60 (

Architects of the Southwest: Grounded in Mountains and Desert

Author: Francesc Zamora Mola
This compelling tome pays homage to the masterful designers who have left an indelible mark on the region’s landscape, weaving together their extraordinary stories and showcasing their awe-inspiring creations. From adobe masterpieces nestled in the desert to contemporary marvels perched among rugged mountains, this book is a celebration of the symbiotic relationship between architecture and the unique natural surroundings of the Southwest. $45 (

Around the World in 80 Plants

Author: Jonathan Drori, with illustrations by Lucille Clerc
Plants’ roots go deeper than the soil they inhabit—in fact, these organic beauties are inextricably linked to our history, culture and folklore and have sparked centuries of human creativity and medicinal power. Drori’s enchanting narrative takes readers on a visual voyage across the continents, from lush rainforests to arid deserts to vibrant gardens, unveiling the hidden wonders and cultural connections found within each plant. $20 (

Wildlife as Property Owners

Author: Karen Bradshaw
It all started with a family of bunnies. When the beginning of the pandemic left ASU professor of environmental law Karen Bradshaw at home, she decided to pass the time by making her landscape more hospitable to some baby hares she found in her front yard. From there, she used years of scholarship on sustainability to craft a desert environment that fosters biodiversity. “I created shaded spots for lizards, prairie dogs and other wildlife to take residence, which in turn also attracted predators that are vital to the ecosystem,” she recalls. Bradshaw channels her passion into this book, which invites homeowners to embrace desert wildlife—even those you may find intimidating—to foster a stronger ecosystem for both humans and critters.  $28 (


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