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4 Summer Interior Design Trends to Try in 2022

Spring may be for cleaning, but this summer is for a total home refresh with a chance to bring in new hues, textures and focus on blending indoor and outdoor spaces to create the perfect environment for the warmer months.

Whether you are looking for a splash of color to brighten a space or want to rearrange a room to make it feel new, Ronda Lish, president and lead designer at D & R Design in Chandler, is sharing the top summer trends to make the most of the season in your home.

Juicy Colors

Not only are vibrant fruits in season, but juicy colors are also trending in the interior design world this summer. “Think colors reminiscent of sunrise or sunset,” Lish says. These colors include adventurous reds, pinks, oranges and yellows that can serve as a pop of color throughout your home in the form of throw pillows, bold art or even an accent wall with your favorite tropical wallpaper print.

Sunny Hues With Cooling Effects

A white bed with yellow and gray throw pillows.
Photo by Isaac Martin via Unsplash

Summer 2022 is all about incorporating sunny colors, but you can also pair them with colors that will create a cooling effect in your home. “I love incorporating summer colors and decor into spaces to bring a fresh, light feeling,” Lish says. “Anything that brings water elements is my go-to. Especially incorporating these colors and elements into a patio or pool space brings a fun and relaxed vibe.” Colors with cooling effects also include whites and greens, but blue is definitely having its moment this year and pairs well with almost every color in any room.


A Carefree exterior space by landscape designer Donna Winters. Photo by Melissa Valladares.

When it comes to landscaping this summer, texture is in. Adding layers to your outside space will add contrast to add a unique feel to your outdoor sanctuary. Textures can be incorporated through the addition of plants or different materials in the hardscape elements of your yard including gravel, brick or stone. You can even add textures through outdoor pieces such as a bench or with a sculpture.

Blending Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Contemporary, bright kitchen
Photo by Josh Hemsley via Unsplash

“Summer is my favorite season, even in the blazing Valley of the sun,” Lish notes. As we get through the hot summer months, it’s important to still invite the beauty of the desert into our homes. “Blending indoor and outdoor spaces is always a trend here in Arizona. We have requests so often to install the large sliding doors to create an open concept that allows both indoor and outdoor to be as one.” If you’re looking for a more subtle way to bring the outdoors in, you can invest in greenery with potted or faux plants or rearrange your furniture so you can face the windows to your outdoor views of your pool or garden.

Transforming your home for summer can also be achieved with small additions to your already favorite rooms and outdoor areas. “Simple ways to incorporate color are fun serve ware and even beach towels,” Lish explains. “Let’s not forget the tiki torches and string lights to keep the vibe going through the evening and throughout the night.”


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