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2019 California Closets Open House

Photography by Carl Schultz

1. Bobbie Akins; Michelle Jefferson
2. Barbara Kaplan; John Roark
3. Dusty Brinsmade; Robert Burg
4. Valory Covello; Robin Gulley; Robin Wohllenban
5. Krystel Sam; Crystal Boymistruk
6. Pat Fredricks; Miera Perron; Carly Scholl
7. Chantel Dueck; Nancy Collins
8. John Roark; Trent Hancock; Brett Wilson
9. Mark LaPalm; Bobbie Akins
10. Janet Hutchinson; Robin Gulley
11. Erin Pieart; Pat Fredricks; Ian Weaver; Linda Carol
12. Denise Belanik; Julie Spence
13. Brett Wilson; Janet Hutchinson; John Roark
14. Julie Spence; Brian Lilley; Bobbie Akins


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