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Worldly Relations: Mediterranean Style

Travel with us to two of Phoenix’s Sister Cities: Catania, Italy and Ramat Gan, Israel.

By Madeline Johnson

In 1972, Phoenix joined the national Sister City movement in an effort to connect culturally and diplomatically with other municipalities around the world. Continue with us on our journey outside our own city limits, as we explore these far-flung locales two at a time in search of home design inspiration with global flair.

Ramat Gan, Israel

Sister City since 2005

Beaming and bustling as Israel’s diamond industry headquarters in the Tel Aviv District, Ramat Gan balances its 21st-century architecture and lifestyle with pristine parks and greenery. In fact, the city’s moniker translates to “garden height.”

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Tel Aviv, Israel

Fabricated from a single sheet of aluminum, the cutting-edge custom Hack Chair by Israeli-born designer Ronen Kadushin has a geometric and industrial vibe, similar to the interior decor of many Ramat Gan homes. (

House your plants in the fun and funky Ceramic Head planter, which echoes the vibrant and avant-garde modern art scene found in urban Israel. $65 (

To give your indoor garden a crafty flare and embrace our Sister City’s reverence for nature, display your small potted plants on the Round Concave Hanging Shelf. $215 (

Interpret the beauty and quality of diamonds in this stunning chandelier created of crystal-clear acrylic and lustrous silver accents. $2,179 (

Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv, Israel

Catania, Italy

Sister City since 2001

Buried by volcanic eruptions and rebuilt 17 times, Catania, Italy, boasts layers of resilient history. Active volcano Mount Etna looms over the coastal town, which was reconstructed, most recently in 1693, using primarily lava stone crafted in rich baroque style.

Made with a lava stone slab and designed to re-create a pattern of magma running along Mount Etna, the Filodifumo table carries deep roots of Catania’s history. The table is designed and crafted by five artisans representing different territories of Sicily, including Catania-based Vincenzo Messina. Custom made to order. (

The eclectic details showcased in the Palace Portrait chair reflect the over-the-top, exuberant style of 17th-century Italy. $998 (

Some locals say that elephants once lived at the bottom of Mount Etna; others believe these gentle giants can be credited for Catania’s victory in an ancient battle. Regardless of folklore, the elephant is the most important symbol of the city and the focal point of its Piazza del Duomo (above). Celebrating the good-luck charm of this herbivore is this warm-toned textile, Safari Dance. To the trade. (

Praising a golden age in architecture with its dramatic carved oak and ornate detailing, the Baroque coffee table makes an opulent addition to your living room. $1,595 (


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