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What’s On Our Reading List This Month

A selection of the latest terrific tomes.

By Madeline Johnson

Author: Alicia Inez Guzman

From her beginnings in Chicago and New York City to her later life on a New Mexico ranch, this book examines Georgia O’Keeffe’s many homes and gives us a look into the sumptuous world of the ‘mother of modernism.’ A fascinating peek into the artist’s life and how her wanderlust translates into her art. $35 (

Author: Maureen Gilmer

You don’t have to sacrifice eye-catching flora because of a dry landscape, thanks to this easy-to-use guide on gardening in arid climates. Find insight into xeriscape design, water-saving solutions and descriptions, including vibrant photographs, of a rainbow of plants that thrive in desert climates all over the world. $23 (

Author: Amelia Jeanroy

Expert canner Amelia Jeanroy reveals secrets and tips to pressure canning. With chapters on equipment as well as numerous recipes, her latest book will help even novice canners enjoy delicious produce at the peak of their flavor, all year long. $25 (

Author: Frances Ambler

Chock-full of more than 90 illustrations by renowned design studio Here Design, this anthology celebrates one of the most popular styles of the 20th century by showcasing iconic midcentury modern furniture pieces. $15 (

Author: Linda Leigh Paul

Discover the elegance of stone structures, and appreciate the rugged beauty of the world’s oldest building materials. One
of the featured houses was created by Scottsdale’s Oz Architects Inc., with interiors by Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner David Michael Miller. $55 (


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