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There’s No Place Like Home

We take a look at three different amenity-rich rooms offering comfort, convenience and recreation and how they’re being updated for the modern day.

By Carly Scholl

Literary Living

Long a symbol of luxury, relaxation and intellectual stimulation, the home library isn’t relegated to fairytale mansions and sprawling estates anymore. You don’t need floor-to-ceiling shelves or massive leather chairs to enjoy a good read, but you can create a bookworm’s paradise in your own abode with smart storage solutions, handy cataloging apps and, most importantly, a wealth of books.


For the aesthetically discerning bibliophile, you can transform your shelves into a work of art with Juniper Books’ collections of creatively designed jackets and special-edition tomes. Whether you want your library color-coded, you need a show-stopping centerpiece or you’re looking for a set from your favorite author, these elegant covers and books will elevate your shelves to new levels of panache. Prices vary. (

Organization at Your Fingertips

Try your hand at library sciences with the Libib app, which will catalog your book collection with the simple scan of a barcode. In addition, you can take notes, discuss with friends and manage new additions to your bookshelves. The standard version is free for any smart device, while Libib Pro is $9/month. (

Setting the Stage

Shelving is everything when it comes to building the foundations of an at-home library, and the classic, quality designs by California Closets can be customized to suit nearly any style. Storage configurations with several different sizes of compartments keep the eye interested and allow you to display everything from books and baubles to artworks and photographs. Prices and designs vary. (

Get Moving

Gone are the days of massive treadmills or bulky barbell racks that eat up your square footage. Today’s home gym is all about sleek, smart equipment. Cleverly designed machines minimize space-wasting and will open up your workout room so you can include more of the luxe amenities you’re dreaming of, whether it’s more floor area for yoga, a meditation zone or a refrigerator for cool drinks and ice-cold towels.

Row Your Boat

With a minimalist, ergonomic frame, the Hydrow could almost pass as a contemporary sculpture in your home fitness studio, but this immersive rowing machine offers an advanced cardio and strength workout. With a 22″ HD touchscreen, you can race fellow users, listen to music and experience stunning audio and visual virtual reality with the real-life sights and sounds of a serene lake or bustling waterway. $2,200 (

Reflect and Sweat

Available as a wall stand or a hang mount, this unassuming gym feature hides in plain sight as a full-length mirror when not in use. However, when you’re ready for a workout, Mirror becomes an interactive social interface where you can see yourself, an instructor and fellow classmates as you follow along in everything from real-time cardio and strength training to yoga and boxing sessions. $1,495 (

Head to Toe

Combining the benefits of athlete-level strength and resistance training with the convenience of a smart device, Tonal acts as a virtual personal trainer without having to sacrifice valuable floor space. The machine’s adjustable arms make switching up your workout a breeze, while the intelligent touchscreen offers coach-led training sessions and monitors every rep to create a personalized database so you can keep track of your progress and meet your goals faster. $2,995 (

Sip and Savor

While the wine cellar is an ancient concept originating somewhere around 3,700 years ago, today’s version is thoroughly modern thanks to devices, technology and updated classics that help you make the most of your vintage collection.

Waste Not

The Coravin Model Eleven wine preservation system solves an age-old problem for wine lovers: enjoying a glass or two without having to open the entire bottle. Simply insert the device’s needle through the cork, tip out a healthy pour and save the rest for another day, month or year. $650 (

“Today, hidden wine cellars have been replaced by sleeker, sexier designs that are brought out into people’s living environments,” explains Rick Benson of Wine Cellar Experts. (

No Bottle Left Behind

For those with truly impressive wine collections, a cataloging system is key for storing, organizing and enjoying each bottle. With eSommelier, you can keep track of every last vintage with the help of a 17″ touchscreen terminal outfitted with a private wine cellar management program, in addition to a barcode printer and scanner so you can identify which bottles are circulating in and out of your inventory. All three devices fit into a handcrafted oak box measuring 26″L by 12″W. $3,995 (

Raise a Glass

Every cellar and tasting room needs a set of basic stemware, but for special occasions and elevated entertaining, opt for a statement-making collection. The Black Tank decanter ($150) and wine glasses ($95/pair) by Tom Dixon exude both masculine boldness and elegant artfulness that will turn heads. (


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