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The Latest Gadgets and Gizmos in Culinary Tech

Bluetooth technology and sensors in the Hestan Cue System control temperatures, guiding you through step-by-step instructions for perfectly cooked meals every time. $500 (

By Kimberly Rapanut

As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in our lives, opportunities to integrate it further in our day-to-day activities are more abundant than ever. To enhance your productivity in the kitchen and ease your workload, consider the many features and products of smart technology that are available to provide convenience and comfort.

From Bluetooth-operated cookware, to LCD touchscreen refrigerators, to voice-activated faucets, the possibilities for smart kitchens have gained traction with the release of items that may have seemed impossible even five years ago.

According to award-winning kitchen and bath designer Lori Carroll, the convenience of connecting appliances to one’s smartphone has fueled interest in this technology in recent years. “The way we acquire, prep and prepare food is constantly changing, and there is no doubt we would all appreciate a little help,” she says. “Homeowners have definitely embraced kitchen technology. In fact, many demand it.”

The smallest sous vide accessory on the market, the ChefSteps Joule was designed for novices and experts alike. Controlled from your smartphone or tablet, the device’s app includes thousands of recipes and cooking tips. Also available in stainless steel. $179-$199 (

Currently, most consumers use technology in the kitchen in general ways, such as web surfing, looking at recipes online or texting, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s inaugural Kitchen Technology Awareness and Usage Report. A sizable number of those surveyed report being highly interested in integrating more technology in the home with their next remodel. The study also states that perceived cost, lack of knowledge of the benefits of kitchen technology and uncertainty over incompatibility with other home and mobile devices need addressing if consumers are to adapt new advances.

Regardless of these reservations, “Smart homes and kitchens aren’t just for the wealthy anymore, and the high-tech appliances and tech-centric features are becoming commonplace,” Carroll says. “Options are available in all price ranges to anyone considering a new kitchen, or to those who want to enhance their current setup with at-your-fingertips convenience.”

With all these options and more, cooking has never been—or felt—more connected.

Faster cook times reduce energy consumption. Able to cook up to three items simultaneously, the Brava oven uses direct energy transfer to cook foods to their perfect doneness in half the time of a conventional oven without the need for preheating. $1,295 (

The voice-activated Delta Trinsic faucet pairs with Amazon Alexa or Echo Dot, turning on or off at your command. $525 (


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