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How to Make Money From Documenting Your Home Improvement Projects

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Photo by Karl Solano via Unsplash

Home improvements are not free, but they can go a long way in boosting your long-term investment. What’s more, did you know that you can make money while upgrading your living space?

Whether you’ve bought a fixer-upper or are finally tackling that home renovation, you can monetize your project and inspire others in the process. Who knows, your passion could even morph into a full-time business! Check out these simple tips from Phoenix Home and Garden to get started.

Figure Out Your Funding

Even if you make your own home improvements, you will need to invest money in getting the results you want. Consider different ways of acquiring money, such as taking out a home equity loan. Essentially, your equity is your home’s market value, minus how much you owe on the mortgage. Getting that number will let you know how much cash you could receive if you go the route of a home equity loan.

Establish an LLC

Many influencers are operating a full-fledged business by documenting their home improvement projects. If you think there is a chance that you will want to get a business up and running, start researching the various business structures you have to choose from.

For example, by creating an LLC, you can enjoy more flexibility, less paperwork, and many other advantages compared to some other entities. And if you work with a formation service, you can ensure your LLC falls in line with your state’s rules and regulations.

Create a Blog

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Photo by Andrew Neel via Unsplash

Perhaps the most fundamental step you can take to monetize your home improvements is to start a blog. This entails a website where you document each project through posts, photos, videos and any other types of content you want. In other words, it gives you a platform to express your passion and share ideas with others.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to maintain a successful blog. The point is to showcase your home improvement knowledge, which will grow each day. Your knowledge is your biggest asset for monetizing home improvements, so you will gain followers simply by providing valuable information, tips and inspirational ideas. You can even take it further and develop an online course or e-book.

Bloggers employ various tactics to increase traffic and followers. For instance, consider selling ad space tailored to a DIY-focused audience; you could even get into affiliate marketing with companies that sell the products you use. ToughNickel points out that having experts write guest posts is another way to facilitate healthy growth. And eventually, you might benefit from starting an e-commerce store, selling products related to your projects.

Promote Your Efforts on Social Media

Once you get your blog up and running, you will want to promote it heavily on social media. Learn how to post effective content so that you can drive more traffic to your site and boost your online presence. You will need to take engaging photos and write impactful captions. You can also use this YouTube banner template to help spread the word.

Additionally, you can tag other home improvement influencers in your post and repost some of their content to expose your brand to their audiences. As with your blog, the primary purpose of social media will be to share what you have learned on your journey thus far and invite others to join you as you continue to learn and create.

If you have a passion for home improvement, you can turn it into a money-maker! Consider the tips above to get off to a strong start on your blog and social media campaigns and keep looking for other ways to gain exposure and build your online presence. In no time, you will be bringing in an income doing something you love.


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