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Eggersmann Studio Brings its Suite of Bespoke Luxury Kitchen Products to Scottsdale

An entertainment center that also functions as a room divider is one of many options possible with the flexible 15 Square shelving system.

By Linda J. Barkman | Photography by David B. Moore

History: Eggersmann was founded in 1908 by Wilhelm Eggersmann, a master carpenter specializing in kitchen furniture. From the beginning, the family-owned enterprise has been located in Hiddenhausen, Germany, and has focused on individuality rather than mass production. The company is now recognized as an international leader in product design. Its bespoke luxury products, crafted with Old-World techniques, are distributed in more than 40 countries around the globe. “Our designs are timeless,” president Brent Hugus says. “It’s good design, tastefully done and very innovative.”

Hugus had been associated with Eggersmann in Pittsburgh for more than a decade when he began looking at markets in other parts of the country that would be a good fit for another showroom. “After considering several different options, we chose Scottsdale,” Hugus reports. “We thought Eggersmann would be a great fit.”


President: Brent Hugus
Opened: October 2020
Size: 3,500 square feet
Location: 4161 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
Hours: By appointment
(480) 605-2705

The scope: In addition to kitchen cabinetry, the company produces entertainment units, walk-in wardrobes, bathroom vanities, libraries, bars and home offices, as well as handmade upholstered pieces such as sofas, benches and chairs, made to the customer’s specifications. “We also do kitchen remodels,” Hugus adds. “We work directly with homeowners, as well as members of the design community.”

Philosophy: Eggersmann’s design foundation is built on key Bauhaus architectural elements—smooth surfaces, cubic shapes and a neutral palette. This foundation, coupled with a passion for high-quality materials and individual solutions, is what fuels their desire to fulfill the high expectations of their customers. “We offer more than 200 different finishes, and everything is  customizable,” Hugus says. “At the end of the day, we want to make customers happy. We want them to know it’s their space, tailored to their needs.”

Materials: Cabinetry is made from high-quality materials ranging from real wood and natural stone to melamine, veneers, glass and high-gloss lacquer, which can be paired with solid brushed brass and stainless steel for bar tops, cabinet faces and more. In addition, fabric and eco leather in a choice of eight colors can be used for everything from wrapping door fronts to accenting hardware.

Brent Hugus reveals a kitchen sink concealed behind a bifold door.

Special features and technology: “About once a year we come out with new ideas and technology,” Hugus reports. More than a few standouts come to mind. One that’s been around since 2006 is a concept known as Unique. Its underlying idea is the use of a singular material for all visible surfaces—of a bank of cabinetry or a kitchen island, for example—resulting in a monolithic impression. Shortly after that, the minimalist Box Tec interior drawer system was developed and continues to add features to a varied lineup of fittings that can be grouped in seemingly endless ways to accommodate the specific needs of its users. Another idea, developed in 2018, is a flexible 15-square shelving system that comes in two finishes and offers a plethora of storage and display options. “It can serve as a room divider, hold glassware and bottles in a bar, organize utensils on a backsplash or hang above an island,” Hugus notes. In 2020, technology was developed that allows bifold and electronic sliding doors to hide the likes of appliances and sinks, among other items. When asked about the most requested feature, Hugus says many people want a way to hide small appliances such as coffee machines, blenders and toaster ovens while still keeping them handy. “We have a lot of solutions for that,” he adds.

The walk-in Schmalenbach wardrobe

What’s in store: Fully functional live displays showing innovative ideas for kitchens, bars, living areas and wardrobes. “We also have a line called Sophisticated Living,” Hugus notes. “It features upholstered pieces, bar stools and dining chairs that complement our cabinet lines.”

Don’t miss: Check out the kitchen display with a cabinet housing a 360-degree revolving pantry and an island topped with a counter portion that slides out to create an overhang. The walk-in Schmalenbach wardrobe is fitted with unexpected amenities such as hidden safes, watch winders, tie and belt pull-outs, drawers with integrated jewelry inserts, and a glass cabinet boasting hidden hinges and LED lighting that is perfect for purse display.


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