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Dr. Deepak Chopra Brings Wellness Retreat to CIVANA in Carefree

Photo by Lisa Diedrich Photography

Calling all yogis—in partnership with Chopra Global and Dr. Deepak Chopra, CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa is bringing a bimonthly “Whole Health Retreat” to the high Sonoran Desert.

Inspired by Dr. Deepak Chopra’s bestselling book, “Perfect Health”, this new wellness program is tailored by Dr. Chopra himself and features a five-night stay at CIVANA, as well as days filled with spa experiences, educational sessions, yoga and meditation classes and a one-on-one session with a physician trained in Ayurveda and chef-created, plant-based meals. By blending Western medicine and Ayurvedic principles, the program teaches guests how to take their health into their own hands through 5,000-year-old techniques translated for the modern world. In addition to all of the retreat’s offerings, guests also have special access to a selection of individual spa and culinary experiences developed with Chopra, such as the Revive to Thrive Spa Treatment, Pure Radiance Facial and Vadouvan Kitchari Bowl.

Dr. Deepak Chopra speaking at an event

Dr. Deepak Chopra; photo by Ali Kaukas

“Bringing the Whole Health Retreat to CIVANA gives us the opportunity to inspire a wellness movement on a broader scale,” Chopra says. “Well-being begins when we sleep deeply, eat food that nourishes, move our bodies, practice meditation, love ourselves and those around us, live with nature and truly understand how to create our collective reality. We are confident that this retreat will help those in attendance reshape their perspectives on what’s possible in terms of physical, mental and spiritual health.”

For those seeking some extra rejuvenation, Chopra shared with us his favorite tips for relieving stress—anywhere, anytime.

Dr. Deepak Chopra’s 8 Ways to Focus On For Stress Relief

As the old adage goes: “Laughter is the best medicine.” And Dr. Chopra has to agree. He recommends focusing on developing a deep belly laugh, which can be achieved by watching a funny TV show or movie. His favorite? “Candid Camera.”

Exercise is as much about feeling good as it is about looking good. “Walk 10,000 steps every day,” says Dr. Chopra. “And if possible, do something that advances mind and body coordination, such as tai chi or yoga. This increases flexibility, strength and balance, but also relieves stress.”

“Sleep is the best way to remove physical toxicities but also to consolidate memory and creativity, decrease inflammation and relieve stress,” Chopra says. For getting a better night’s rest, he recommends avoiding blue lights and electronic devices before heading to bed. Chopra also suggests not watching the news during the two hours leading up to bedtime. “Otherwise the news will keep you up at night and cause stress subconsciously.”

While at first glance crying may sound out of place on this list, Dr. Chopra advises that it’s an excellent way to release stress and other overwhelming emotions.

There’s a reason that massages feel as good as they do on both the body and the mind: “Massage decreases cortisol levels and levels of other hormones that create stress.”

“Music increases endorphin levels, which helps with stress and creates a sense of euphoria—which is the best way to relieve stress,” Chopra explains. The best type of music for stress relief? “Really anything that you enjoy.”

Simply visualizing a happier, less stressed version of yourself can help you manifest a brighter reality. “Imagine yourself in happy, loving relationships and locations,” Chopra suggests.

Meditation is Chopra’s favorite way to practice mindfulness. And for good reason, as the two go hand in hand. “Meditation and mindfulness are the most reliable ways to get into the habit of stress relief,” he says.



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