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Design A Fall Floral Arrangement with Our Step-by-Step Tutorial

Floral designer Morgan Anderson breaks down the tricks to a stunning centerpiece.

By Carly Scholl | Photography by Name

Go beyond a basic store-bought bouquet and craft a seasonal centerpiece that will wow guests and get everyone in the autumn spirit. Floral designer and owner of The Flori.Culture Morgan Anderson shares her step-by-step tips for creating an artistic arrangement full of texture, color, shape and depth.

Anderson explains that her inspiration for this design came from renowned 20th century British florist and educator Constance Spry. “She was really the first floral professional to celebrate the concept of using your own belongings in your designs,” she says. “Spry would go into her clients homes and say, ‘You have beautiful things that you can use instead of buying new items.’ So this centerpiece is inspired by materials I had on-hand, but I still wanted to create a fresh look that was on-trend yet artful.”

Learn more about Morgan and her floral design philosophies here, as seen in our October 2020 issue!

Hardgood Materials:
1 Vessel (I used a footed bowl, because I like a sort of wide-and-wild look)
Dry Styrofoam Block (quantity depends on size of vessel)
1 Knife (to cut the foam)
Floral Snips or Clippers
10-30 Water Picks (with pointy ends!)
Botanicals Ingredients:
1 Seasonal Potted Plant (size depending on size of vessel; I used a beautiful ruby-hued cyclamen)
A selection of dried/preserved botanicals (such as Banksia, Strawflower, Pampas Grass, Riceflower,
Bunnytail, Limonium, Yarrow, Palms; about 1 bunch per species)
A small bunch of fresh cut foliage harvested from your garden or landscape (such as Sycamore or Citrus leaves)
A selection of fresh cut botanicals (such as Rose, Chrysanthemum, Mini-Carnations, Orchids, and Anthurium; about 1 bunch per species)
Step One

Cut down dry foam bricks to size of your selected vessel and arrange to fill as much space as possible inside.

Step Two

Place potted plant upon dry foam in desired location.

Step Three

Begin inserting all dried botanical materials into the foam at varied heights around the potted plant.

Step Four

Cut any dried botanicals down to size or manipulate certain botanical shapes (such as a dried palm) by cutting leaves.

Step Five

Harvest from your garden and landscape any seasonal foliage that would you like to highlight and add to the arrangement between the dried materials, such as green Sycamore leaves.

Step Six

To keep this dried arrangement ever-changing, select some fresh cut botanicals from your local florist or grocery store to add to your arrangement. Fill floral water picks with water to provide a hydration source for the fresh flowers you plan to add to the design. Reflexing roses–which means carefully peeling the outer petals back to create more volume–will add a pop of color to the design.

Step Seven

Add something unexpected! Fuchsia orchids or this tropical anthurium are not the standard botanical choice for autumn, but makes a statement with bright hues.


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