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Bentley’s Biscuits


Congratulations to Cyndi K. of Scottsdale, our Day 27 prize winner!

Prize: Valued at over $300
Susan Lanci Blankets (Medium Shag)
Brainiac Interactive Toy (Busy Bone)
OoMaLoo Toys (Assorted Animals)
Bentley’s Biscuits 16oz Bags (Mini-Apple and Oat)
Bentley’s Biscuits 16oz Bags (Mini-Health Dog)
Poop Bag Holder
Bentley’s Biscuits 2oz Pockets (Tidbit- Apple and Oat)
Fiesta Heart Bowl
Haute Diggity Dog (Alcohol Bottle)
Aroma Paws (Candle)
$50 Gift Card

The Bentley’s Biscuits Story!
When the creator of our recipes wanted to retire, I tried to persuade her to continue baking for her biggest fan, Bentley. Unable to commit to that, she offered to sell me her recipes. I had been a loyal customer for 8 years having purchased her “Natural” treats for my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels at a local pet boutique in Scottsdale. Though never officially branded, her treats had a loyal following and would consistently sell out quickly. While both of my pets enjoyed the treats, Bentley was obsessed with them…thus the name!

So, Bentley’s Biscuits really was created just to keep my dog, Bentley supplied with his favorite treats! I hope your pets love them, too!


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