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Cathy Babcock 29POSTS

Cathy Babcock is the director of horticulture for Boyce Thompson Arboretum, located in Superior.

Their fruit is tasty, their leaves provide lush greenery for your landscape, and the plants are well-adapted to the harsh conditions of the Phoenix

Legume trees and shrubs are prized for their shade and colorful flower contributions to the Southwestern plant palette.

When homeowners in other parts of the country are winterizing their veggie beds, growers in the Valley are preparing to start their winter crops.

What to know before you break ground.

The basics of animal control and dealing with persistent guests.

Use these tips to bring your plants and lawn through the summer with minimal stress.

For controlling unruly desert flora, use care and make the kindest cut.

A water harvesting system allows you and your neighbors to harness this cherished desert resource.

How to know when your desert giant is ailing.

There is nothing more savory than cooking with freshly harvested herbs.