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5 New Design and Gardening Books to Read This Month

The Bunk Bed Book

Author: Laura Fenton
As a small-space expert, Fenton knows a thing or two about creating cool retreats for kids. In this collection of 115 bunks and cozy sleeping nooks, the author provides inspiration for designing fun, functional rooms that maximize square footage from corner to corner, floor to ceiling. $25 (

Healing with Clay

Author: Ran Knishinsky
Knishinsky has been eating clay for 30 years—and no, this is not some bygone episode of TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.” The Valley native was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst on his wrist in his early 20s, and one of his naturopathic physicians recommended eating clay to rid his body of toxins in lieu of surgery—the cyst seemingly disappeared. In the revised, expanded edition of his first book,“The Clay Cure,” he lays out the science and history behind eating clay and its alleged detoxifying, antibacterial and antiviral treatments. $13 (

The Garden Refresh

Author: Kier Holmes
In this 256-page book, Holmes, a landscape designer, shares how to create a stylish and healthy garden that’s on-budget and Earth-friendly. Discover how to get your garden project started, from design and plant selection to troubleshooting. $28 (

Making Midcentury Modern

Author: Christopher Kennedy
The California designer gathers 100 tips for incorporating Palm Springs’ special brand of bright, playful midcentury modern design into your home. $35 (

The Beginner’s Guide to Mushrooms

Authors: Britt A. Bunyard and Tavis Lynch
Fledgling foragers, listen up. This author duo has compiled the world of wild mushrooming into an easy-to-follow guide for anyone wanting to dabble in the fabulous world of fungi. Learn about the more than 100,000 named species of mushrooms across the globe, from backyard gardens to forest floors. Discover which ones will have a star spot on your dinner plate—and which are not worth the pluck. $25 (



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