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3 of Our Favorite New Books

Craft your own crepe paper flowers, revisit Herman Miller’s iconic designs and get gardening tips from green thumbs.

Uncommon Paper Flowers

Author: Kate Alarcón

While these enchanting botanicals may look bona fide, they’re actually meticulously constructed works of art fashioned from delicate crepe paper. Seattle-based artist Kate Alarcón introduces readers to fanciful—and sometimes freakish—flora not commonly found in other craft manuals. The first section is divided into habitats, such as Desert and Witch Garden, where 30 plant species are profiled with botanical, etymological and mythological facts and fables. Extensive instructions for making your own Itoh peonies or echiveria are detailed in the second section, while traceable templates for every project are found in the third. Uncommon Paper Flowers debuts just in time for Halloween, and we’re especially charmed by its numerous spooky specimens, including bleeding mycena mushrooms, the night-blooming cereus, spider orchids, corpse flowers and the carnivorous cobra lily. Whether you’re a paper flower novice or maven, the book’s stunning photography, personable anecdotes and accessible directions make this a delightful addition to any crafting collection. $25 (—CS

Check out our blog on making these lovely blooms at home! 

Herman Miller: A Way of Living

Editors: Sam Grawe, Amy Auscherman and Leon Ransmeier

For more than 100 years, the Herman Miller furniture company has been working with such legendary designers as Charles and Ray Eames and Isamu Noguchi to propel the evolution of modernism in America. More than 600 pages of meticulous documentation showcase the impact and influence of Herman Miller from 1905 to present day. $90 (—NB

Encyclopedia of Gardening Techniques

Author: American Horticultural Society

Gardening can be intimidating, especially for beginners. This must-have reference guide offers techniques and tips procured by some of the world’s top gardeners. Containing more than 2,000 step-by-step illustrations spanning 10 chapters, this encyclopedia covers topics from planning to pruning and fertilizing to propagating throughout its numerous pages. $45 (—NB


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