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10 Local Gardening Instagrammers You Need to Follow Now

We rounded up our top 10 favorite local Instagram accounts where home gardeners of all abilities can find community, encouragement and inspiration.

Whether you’re a seasoned horticulture hobbyist or you’re just learning the landscaping ropes, social media sites can be excellent resources for gardeners looking to connect with fellow enthusiasts about the ups and downs of cultivating plants in the desert. Arizona’s online community is filled with thousands of accounts devoted to every niche of the gardening world, from houseplants to homesteading and floriculture to farming.

“While I enjoy sharing my photos, the best part of running my account has been connecting to other gardeners, sharing tips with each other and experiencing the joys and difficulties of our shared passion together,” explains home gardener Michelle Moghina, the flower fan behind the Instagram handle @azcottagegarden. “We encounter specific challenges here in the desert, but with the advice, encouragement and support of local gardeners, there’s usually a solution to be found, and that’s what makes this community great.”

Hacks for growing vegetables; food preparation  
“A lot of my followers have been there since the early days and I consider a lot of these people my friends. I also really love to help, so having people tag me in a ‘success post’ from their garden feels great.”
—Tony Kasowski, Phoenix, vegetable garden consultant, educator, designer and builder (

Edible gardening; permaculture; biodiversity; recipes for home-grown produce 
“Having been born in Taiwan and lived in Singapore, I’m able to share my experience growing and preparing vegetables and fruits that grow well in hot regions. I love how we can make connections and learn from gardeners all over the world so easily through social media.”
—Jacq Davis, Tempe, graphic designer

Backyard farming; gardening; growing food sustainably
“Gardening is more than just a hobby, it’s a way to connect back with the Earth and become more self-sufficient and sustainable. Growing food in the desert definitely has its challenges, but there’s an amazing gardening community here and there’s so much to learn from each other!”
—DaNelle Wolford, Phoenix, self-employed (weedemandreap.‌com)

Flowers; gardening tips 
“I have always loved gardening and I started this account as an online journal. I wanted to keep a visual record of my garden by recording its evolution through the seasons and years.”
—Michelle Moghina, Glendale, stay-at-home mom, former teacher/school librarian

Sustainable vegetables, fruits, herbs and edible flowers 
“I’m passionate about growing my own food, not only for myself but to give to others. I enjoy demonstrating the lessons I’ve learned through Instagram, such as saving seeds, seed swaps and propagating food. The best part of running my account is that I can actually inspire others by showing them how easy it is to grow their own food!”
—Anna Gage, Glendale, wife, mom and grandma
Vegetables; fruit trees; herbs; flowers
“I love engaging with an online community that is also passionate about gardening, growing their own food and even composting. My goal is to provide easy access to correct information for growing a garden in the low desert of Arizona.”
—Angela Judd, Mesa, garden writer, educator and consultant (

Organic vegetable gardening; pest control; pollination, planting and harvesting tips
“I am thrilled to share my passion of gardening with the Instagram community. I am able to learn from fellow gardeners as well as teach others, and that is such a gift. I have received many amazing opportunities to teach at elementary school gardens and help locals start a garden of their own.”
—Rachel Churnesky, Mesa, real estate agent

Gardening tips
“Gardening in the desert can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. I love to dispel the myths around desert gardening and show my followers that a beautiful landscape that thrives in a hot, dry climate is possible.”
—Noelle Johnson, Phoenix, horticulturist and landscape consultant (

Growing produce 
“Gardening started off as therapy for me—a place of peace to get away from all the chaos of city life. Now, though it is still my therapy, I focus on growing food for my family. I have learned some incredible things from fellow gardeners through these social platforms. We have such a great gardening community here in Phoenix.”
—Admira, Phoenix, homemaker

Desert gardening
“This account has brought me so many new, passionate and excited garden friends from all over the world. My favorite part about this online community is providing transparency of the good, the bad and the ugly. I want to show people how not to be afraid to fail and kill a few plants along the way. It’s part of the process, and we learn from every single seed we sow. Lastly, I share many moments of my children with me in the garden, as there is no better lesson in patience than working with Mom in the soil and learning about the fruits of labor.”
—Lindsay Lynch, Phoenix, RN clinical supply program director



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