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Worldly Relations: From France to Taiwan

Journey with us to two more of our sister cities: Taipei, Taiwan and Grenoble, France.

By Carly Scholl

In 1972, Phoenix joined the national Sister City movement in an effort to connect culturally and diplomatically with other municipalities around the world. Continue with us on our journey outside our own city limits, as we explore these far-flung locales two at a time in search of home design inspiration with global flair.

Taipei, Taiwan

Sister City since 1979

Bursting with technology, history and life, Taipei is a vibrant capital city. Various celebrations and festivities throughout the year highlight unique aspects of the Taiwanese culture.

In Taipei, Taiwan, ancient traditions merge seamlessly into the ultramodern cityscape (top). Thousands of glowing paper lanterns illuminate the skies over Taipei during the popular festival celebrating the new year (above).

Marking the final day of the Chinese New Year, the Lantern Festival is an unmissable spectacle. Get the look of these whimsical paper vessels any time of the year with the graceful Adesso Maui Arc floor lamp. $151 (

The annual Dragon Boat Festival, which commemorates ancient ceremonial traditions, comes alive in the form of the Dragon Faucet from THG Paris and Daum. $16,443 (

In honor of the Wenshan Tea and Bamboo Shoots Folk Culture Festival, sip your favorite brews from a traditional Yixing clay tea set. $9-$10/cup; $139/teapot. (

Grenoble, France

Sister City since 1990

Tucked into the shadow of the Alps, this picturesque town in the southeastern countryside is a hub of industry and science, and boasts an origin stretching back more than 2,000 years.

To the north of Grenoble, the Chartreuse Mountains are an icon of the region.

ABOVE Celebrate the area’s renowned science centers, laboratories and universities with a clever ode to chemistry class. Five test tube vases are suspended in a hinged metal frame for a fresh take on floral arrangements. $17 ( BELOW A modern side table handcrafted from elegant black walnut is a subtle hint at one of the city’s most famous imports: “Noix de Grenoble” walnuts. $400 (

First distilled in 1764 by monks in the mountains outside Grenoble, green Chartreuse is an herbaceous spirit often called “the elixir of long life.” The liqueur’s unique verdant hue makes a fun addition to any home bar.


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